root/other-projects/nightly-tasks/diffcol/trunk/model-collect/PDFBox/index/build.cfg @ 27763

Revision 27763, 388 bytes (checked in by ak19, 7 years ago)

Adding model collections PDFBox and Associated-Files

1builddate   1373003210
2buildtype   mgpp
3earliestdatestamp   1373003204
4indexfieldmap   text->TX    dc.Title,ex.dc.Title,Title->TI  Source->SO
5indexfields text    dc.Title,ex.dc.Title,Title  Source
6indexlevels Doc
7indexmap    text;dc.Title,ex.dc.Title,Title;Source;->idx
8indexstem   PDFBox
9infodbtype  gdbm
10levelmap    document->Doc
11maxnumeric  4
12numbytes    209130
13numdocs 2
14numsections 2
15stemindexes 7
16textlevel   Sec
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