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1<html><head><title>A famous walker</title></head><body><h2>A famous walker</h2><p>Beautiful AH Reed Memorial Park is named after the famous author, publisher and long distance walker of the same name.  The site of his parents' homestead is on the opposite side of Clapham Rd from the park's upper carpark.  AH (as he was always known) was a significant player in protecting the waterfall from quarrying and retaining the magnificent kauri trees in this forest area.</p><p>The bush is a wonderful remnant of the original extensive kauri forests here. AH - an incredible long-distance walker well into his 80s - would have been proud of the short walks taking visitors through it and up to the 23.8m high falls and of the canopy walkway over the Wai Koromiko Stream. </p></body></html>
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