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1<html><head><title>Paradise won?</title></head><body><h2>Paradise won?</h2><p>Peaceful Mimiwhangata Coastal Park as it is today belies a rich history of conflict, development proposals, industry and farming.  Mimiwhangata in early Maori settlement times was the scene of some horrific battles while in earlier European times, location of a short-lived shore whaling venture and various farming developments.</p><p>In 1962 NZ Breweries bought Mimiwhangata Station, as it had become and a multi-million dollar tourist resort was planned, along with a 9000-person town to service the resort.  Eventually negotiations with the Crown to exchange land in Wellington for Mimiwhangata were successful and the spectacular coastal site is now in public ownership.</p><p>The park contains a rich archaeological landscape including 12 pa, numerous kainga (undefended settlements), agricultural remains, extensive midden and several urupa. European historic sites include the grave of Joseph Glenny, a former scow captain, who asked to be buried facing the Poor Knights Islands and the 20ha island just off Kaituna Bay where gardens of fig and hyacinth were planted around the turn of the century by two teenage runaways from Auckland.   &quot;Queens Corner&quot; at the western end of Mimiwhangata Bay marks where Queen Elizabeth, Prince Phillip, Prince Charles and Princess Anne came ashore from the Britannia to spend an afternoon picnicking in 1970.</p><p> </p><p> </p></body></html>
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