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icon that can be exported for windows and mac

1To create the MacOS icon, do
2* In GIMP, export the icon to tiff (png might be as good or better), fullsize (currently 128x128 [Aug 08])
3* You should also export a 16x16 icon to the same format, tweaked for readability at that small size
4* Go to a mac machine
5* run 'Icon Composer' and create the icon from the exported tiff
6    * drag fullsize tiff from finder to the appropriate panel in Icon Composer (currently the 128x128 panel)
7    * it should ask about copying the image to different sizes, opt for 'Copy to all smaller sizes'
8    * drag the 16x16 image to the 16x16 panel
9    * exit Icon Composer
10    * you will be asked where to save, save to shared/greenstone(2|3)/icon/icon.icns
13To create the Windows icon, do
14* In GIMP, export icons of these sizes: 128x128, 64x64, 48x48, 32x32, 16x16
15* 16x16 icon should have the edges cropped for readability at this small size
16* Open each as a layer in a new GIMP image (File->Open as Layer), and delete other layers (like 'Background')
17* Save as an ico file
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