root/release-kits/shared @ 17268

Name Size Rev Age Last Change
ant 16757 12 years oranfry: the ant batch script, for windows release kits
ant-installer 17153 11 years oranfry: fixed the install aborted message and the cancel seen as failure problem
ant-scripts 17260 11 years oranfry: this file is now redundant
ant-tasks 17129 11 years oranfry: a newer version of svnant
artwork 17236 11 years oranfry: an uninstaller which works for Greenstone2 and Greenstone3 installations
greenstone2 17259 11 years oranfry: splitting the global compile-uninstaller target into greenstone2 and …
greenstone3 17261 11 years oranfry: adding a the compile-unintaller task
lib 17102 11 years oranfry: keeping crypt.jar in the release kits so it can be copied put in the …
linux 17042 11 years oranfry: include help option in help screen
mac 16656 12 years oranfry: moving icons around for better sharing
resources 17107 11 years oranfry: changed build scripts and create-installer targets after the greenstone …
search4j 15897 12 years oranfry: made the new search4j setup work in windows
uninstaller 17254 11 years oranfry: updates to uninstaller
windows 17136 11 years max: Delete imagemagick from this folder.
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