29.06.2018 21:59:19 (19 months ago)

Tried to compile xpdf-tools up statically with CMake, but still not successful. For now committing modifications necessary (including the new additional packages) for compiling xpdf-tools agains dynamically linked libs of libpng and zlib and freetype. Although these 3 packages have been introduced and are successfully compiled up (and I can even get the CMake configure stage of xpdf-tools to 'see' them), the xpdftools binaries upon successful compilation are shown by ldd to still refer to system versions of zlib, libpng and freetype. Some modifications to a single file in the xpdftools src package were necessary to get things to compile again with these changes, so recommitting the xpdftools src package with modications using the usual gs- prefix and a readme.

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