source: gs2-extensions/gnome-lib/trunk/src

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
android-extra 26763   9 years davidb Needed for packages using autoconfigure that predate Android coming on …
packages 35810   7 months kjdon on research-internal gnome-lib didn't compile with a -fPIC error. … 610 bytes 26790   9 years davidb Config update needed by Android NDK now in a separate file 703 bytes 28322   9 years ak19 Dr Bainbridge had earlier added in sourcing of imagemagick's … 1016 bytes 26823   9 years davidb Further patch needed for dbus 269 bytes 26807   9 years davidb Helpful script to reset cross-compilation
devel.bash 1.6 KB 31436   5 years ak19 Related to previous commits. Experimenting to get diffcol gs2 checkout …
README 3.8 KB 35660   9 months davidb svn URLs updated from http to https
setup.bash_old 1.4 KB 28304   9 years ak19 More cases of needing to source a script using source dot-slash-script
setup.bat_old 1.3 KB 24376   11 years ak19 For ticket 779: wvware's env including lib is set in, no …
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