source: trunk/gsdl3@ 13669

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
bin 13228   17 years kjdon added in support for Lucene collections
dist-resources 13667   17 years shaoqun make the get-perl-for-windows target depend on the init target
docs 13284   17 years daven notes on SOAP debugging using TCPMonitor
lib 10772   18 years kjdon the java gdbm source is now in packages, so these are generated on compile
resources 13616   17 years shaoqun added morestrings
src 13662   17 years kjdon removed old log messages
web 13669   17 years shaoqun now added it as a binary
winutil 7908   20 years mdewsnip No longer used (7zip.exe used instead). 2.0 KB 13615   17 years shaoqun added a browser program path property
build.xml 52.0 KB 13613   17 years kjdon lucene stuff is a bit of a pain at the moment. we are using stuff from … 2.2 KB 10944   18 years kjdon renamed to can't decide whether it should live …
gs3-server.bat 4.3 KB 13619   17 years kjdon put quotes around classpath in java command 3.3 KB 13499   17 years kjdon changed a comment. also, made this executable - does that stay through CVS
gs3-setup.bat 2.3 KB 13618   17 years kjdon removed a coupld of unnecessary things, fixed a couple of bugs 3.9 KB 13233   17 years kjdon added jar files from top gs3 dir into classpath
LICENSE.txt 19.1 KB 6428   20 years kjdon a license file
README-CVS.txt 3.2 KB 13383   17 years kjdon brought these files a bit more up to date
README.txt 13.3 KB 13383   17 years kjdon brought these files a bit more up to date
TODO.txt 14.2 KB 6444   20 years kjdon initial versions
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