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    178178Text, Expand Contents, Detach</i> and <i>Highlight</i> buttons to be shown with each document.
     180dls._text12_:Hierarchy files contain a
     181succession of lines each of which has three items. The first item is a text string which is matched against the metadata that occurs in the <i>metadata.xml</i> file described above. The second item is a number that defines the position in the hierarchy. The third item is a text string that describes the node of the hierarchy on the web pages that Greenstone generates.
     183dls._text13_:For example, the following shows three lines from the subject hierarchy file <a href=\"_httpcollection_/etc/dls.Subject.txt\" target=text>dls.Subject.txt</a>.
     185dls._text14_:These three lines define one top level bookshelf (at position 7), titled \"Animal Husbandry and Animal Product Processing\", with two bookshelves underneath it, titled \"Cattle\" and \"Other animals (micro-livestock, little known animals, silkworms, reptiles, frogs, snails, game, etc.)\" respectively.
     187dls._text15_:In this case, the first strings (and therefore the entries in metadata.xml files) contain the entire hierarchy values. Levels in the hierarchy are separated by \"|\". They could be used directly by a <i>Hierarchy</i> classifier without the use of the hierarchy file. However, then the entries would be ordered alphabetically, not in the special order defined by the file.
     189dls._text16_:The <a href=\"_httpcollection_/etc/dls.AZList.txt\" target=text>dls.AZList.txt</a> hierarchy file used by the titles classifier contains a similar structure. Ordinarily, a titles browser would use a <i>List</i> (or <i>AZList</i>) classifier. In this case, we want to predefine the A-Z groupings, and include a separate entry for periodicals, as can be seen <a href=\"_gwcgi_?l=_cgiargl_&c=_cgiargc_&a=d&cl=CL2.7\">here</a>.
    181191image-e._text1_:The images in this collection have been produced by members of the Department of Computer Science, University of Waikato.
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