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2014-03-13T14:34:48+13:00 (10 years ago)

First security commit. 1. Introducing the new securitools.h and .cpp files, which port the functions necessary to implement security in Greenstone from OWASP-ESAPI for Java, since OWASP's C++ version is largely not yet implemented, even though their code compiles. The newly added runtime-src/packages/security which contains OWASP ESAPI for C++ will therefore be removed again shortly. 2. receptionist.cpp now sets various web-encoded variants for each cgiarg macro, such as HTML entity encoded, attr encoded, javascript encoded (and css encoded variants). These are now used in the macro files based on which variant is suited to the context. 3. This commit further contains the minimum changes to protect the c, d, and p cgi variables.

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