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    1313              text-align:center; font-family:sans-serif; background-color: #49a006; color: white; padding: 10px;
    1414            }
     16            .ext_link {
     17            background: url('interfaces/default/images/Icon_External_Link.png') center right no-repeat;
     18            padding-right: 13px;
     19            }
    1621        </style>
    2227        <ul>   
    23             <li><a href="library">Run the main servlet for Greenstone 3.</a> This is an interface that demonstrates the wide variety of capabilities in Greenstone 3.</li>
    24             <li><a href="gs2-library">Run the Greenstone 2 look and feel servlet. (Deprecated)</a> View the demo collections that come with Greenstone, using the Greenstone 2 look and feel.</li>
    25             <li><a href="basic-library">Run the basic servlet. (Deprecated)</a> View the same collections using a basic look and feel. </li>
    26             <li><a href="gateway">Run the gateway servlet.</a> This uses the standard Greenstone 3 look and feel, and talks via SOAP to the site with the demo collections (localsite).
    27                 <ul>
    28                     <li>Note that SOAP needs to be installed, and a SOAP server needs to be running for localsite.</li>
    29                 </ul>
    30             </li>
    31             <li><a href="testing">Run the 'Hello World' test servlet.</a> Use this link to check that your server can run the simplest of Java servlets.</li>
     28            <li>Enter your <a href="library">Greenstone 3 library.</a> </li>
     29        </ul>
     31        <h3 style="padding: 10px;">Want to customise this?</h3>
     32        <ul>
     33          <li>Try out the provided halftone interface by visiting <a href="clibrary">this library</a>. The same content, but using a different interface.</li>
     34          <li>Take a look at the <a class="ext_link" href="http://wiki.greenstone.org/doku.php?id=en:tutorials#customization">customization tutorials</a>.</li>
     35        </ul>
     36            <h3 style="padding: 10px;">Need some help?</h3>
     37            <ul>
     38            <li>Visit the <a class="ext_link" href="http://wiki.greenstone.org">Greenstone wiki</a> which contains extensive documentation about Greenstone, including tutorials and release notes.</li>
     39            <li>Visit <a class="ext_link" href="http://www.greenstone.org">greenstone.org</a>, the main greenstone website. In particular, visit the <a class="ext_link" href="http://www.greenstone.org/support">support page</a> for links to the mailing lists and regional support groups.</li>
     40            <li>If your library is not running, you can run the <a href="testing">'Hello World' test servlet.</a> to check that your web server is set up properly.</li>
    3342        </ul>
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