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If rollback_on_cancel is turned on, then before the database connection happens, the (warning) message suggested by Dr Bainbridge is issued to the user with a 5 second sleep: to backup their archives and index folders to keep it in sync with what the GS SQL database will do on cancel (which is to rollback until before the import or buildcol script, whichever was run). Sample copy commands, specific to the user's OS, are displayed. When cancel is pressed, if a rollback is performed, then the final message is displayed reminding the user to restore their backed up archives and index folders.

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  • main/trunk/greenstone2/perllib/strings.properties

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    14631463GreenstoneSQLPlug.rollback_on_cancel:Support for undo on cancel. Set to true to support rollbacks on cancel. Transactions are then only committed to the database at the end of import and buildcol. Set to false if you do not want undo support, in which case SQL statements are autocommitted to the database.
     1465gsmysql.backup_on_build_msg:   SQL DB CANCEL SUPPORT ON.\n   To have the filesystem mimic the Rollback On Cancel behaviour of the GreenstonePlugs\n   you first need to manually backup your collection's 'archives' and 'index' subfolders\n   so you can manually restore them on cancel when the SQL database is automatically rolled back.\n \n   Example backup commands:\n%s\n   If you don't want to continue, press Ctrl-C to cancel now.
     1466gsmysql.restore_backups_on_build_cancel_msg:   SQL database rolled back.\n   If you backed up your collection's 'archives' and 'index' subfolders,\n   then restore the backups now.
    14661469# Perl module strings
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