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(edit) @31078   6 years davidb Some setup files and scripts to make running Spark and Solr easier on …
(edit) @31077   6 years davidb Move up to JDK1.8. Tidy up of Vagrant machine names. Support for YARN. …
(edit) @31076   6 years sjm84 Getting GS2 yaz client compile in 32 bi tlsb linux environment again …
(edit) @31075   6 years ak19 Consistent naming of collection sample file directories.
(edit) @31074   6 years ak19 Renaming some sample files to match latest version of cmdline incr …
(edit) @31073   6 years sjm84 Experimenting to fix yaz-client compilation failure on 32 bit linux.
(edit) @31072   6 years kjdon added group comment to new user page as well as edit user page. Need …
(edit) @31071   6 years kjdon strings for the groups description in edit user page
(edit) @31070   6 years kjdon added some helpful text about groups
(edit) @31069   6 years kjdon added COLLNAME-collection-editor to help users know that this option exists
(edit) @31068   6 years kjdon added top level text string for georgy's hierarchy menu
(edit) @31067   6 years kjdon get the 'top level menu' text from the dictionary
(edit) @31066   6 years kjdon collection displayItems are now in a displayItemList
(edit) @31065   6 years davidb Additional echo output
(edit) @31064   6 years Georgiy Litvinov Optimized regular expression in hierarchy menu
(edit) @31063   6 years Georgiy Litvinov More fixes and imporovements for hierarchy menu
(edit) @31062   6 years davidb Added in -W option so check-sum calculation is skipped
(edit) @31061   6 years ak19 My previous 'fix' fixed the display for the backdrop collection, but …
(edit) @31060   6 years sjm84 white-space regular expression match wasn't working, so changed it to …
(edit) @31059   6 years sjm84 Changed YAZ configure to only produce static library, to help with …
(edit) @31058   6 years davidb echo for additional information added
(edit) @31057   6 years davidb Tweak to jps output formatting
(edit) @31056   6 years ak19 Got the metadata names in the Browse classifier of the backdrop …
(edit) @31055   6 years kjdon newRow is a jquery object which is not the same as the DOM element. …
(edit) @31054   6 years ak19 Non-XML HTML portions of image-e's collectionConfig file now corrected …
(edit) @31053   6 years davidb Addition of second argument, optional, for where to save the files
(edit) @31052   6 years kjdon setting up autocomplete values for metadata editing
(edit) @31051   6 years davidb Added in JDK to list of possible packages needed
(edit) @31050   6 years kjdon added empty var and some comments for new autocompletion of meta …
(edit) @31049   6 years kjdon add cleaned up metadata name as a class attribute to the …
(edit) @31048   6 years ak19 Swapping order of displayItems for attribute name=name to get the …
(edit) @31047   6 years ak19 Swapping order of displayItems for attribute name=name to get the …
(edit) @31046   6 years davidb Added property to control how severe a JSON IO problem is
(edit) @31045   6 years davidb More careful treatment of what to do when a JSON file isn't there
(edit) @31044   6 years davidb Fixed up error when output_dir is empty
(edit) @31043   6 years davidb Version for processing full EF set
(edit) @31042   6 years davidb Name changes, preparing the way for FULL-RUN versions
(edit) @31041   6 years davidb Test needs to be more careful if -read-only specified
(edit) @31040   6 years ak19 Linking to the correct sample file zip for the cmdline incremental …
(edit) @31039   6 years ak19 Minor correction to previous commit.
(edit) @31038   6 years ak19 Instructions on format statements in GPS tutorial need to be swapped.
(edit) @31037   6 years ak19 Recreating gnome-lib minimal for 32 bit linux in 32 bit lsb environment.
(edit) @31036   6 years davidb Renaming to prepare way for YARN version of script
(edit) @31035   6 years davidb Changes after testing scripts
(edit) @31034   6 years davidb Development of scripts for working with Full EF dataset
(edit) @31033   6 years davidb Development of scripts for working with Full EF dataset
(edit) @31032   6 years sjm84 Recompiled gnome-lib-minimal in lsb 64 bit environment.
(edit) @31031   6 years ak19 Still had to update the linux 32 bit gnome-lib minimal after the …
(edit) @31030   6 years davidb Tweak to some verbosity level 2 printing
(edit) @31029   6 years davidb Newline at end of file added
(edit) @31028   6 years davidb Support for randonly choosing Solr endpoints added in
(edit) @31027   6 years davidb Mixed typo in property name used
(edit) @31026   6 years davidb Corrected flag setting
(edit) @31025   6 years davidb Use property process-json-mode to determine which sort of Spark …
(edit) @31024   6 years davidb Support for Java properties file
(edit) @31023   6 years Georgiy Litvinov More modifications to hierarchy webeditor
(edit) @31022   6 years davidb No longer used
(edit) @31021   6 years davidb Folder restructure to remove 'trunk' part
(edit) @31020   6 years davidb No longer used
(edit) @31019   6 years davidb Part 2 or two-step folder restructure
(edit) @31018   6 years davidb Part 1 or two-step folder restructure
(edit) @31017   6 years davidb Moved to correct position
(edit) @31016   6 years davidb No longer used
(edit) @31015   6 years davidb Restructuring of projects into one
(edit) @31014   6 years Georgiy Litvinov Modified hierarchy js storage, added kjdon fixes.
(edit) @31013   6 years davidb Accumulator for PerPageMap
(edit) @31012   6 years ak19 Committing 1. new imagemagick tarball created on Gilda El Capitan …
(edit) @31011   6 years davidb Further RDD flatMap/map restructuring and refactoring, for per-page
(edit) @31010   6 years davidb Tidy up on generating Spark App name
(edit) @31009   6 years davidb Adjustments after latest fresh 'vagrant up' trial
(edit) @31008   6 years davidb Additional detail added into Spark app name
(edit) @31007   6 years davidb Class name refactoring
(edit) @31006   6 years davidb Further reversal of Base class. Switch to PerPage
(edit) @31005   6 years davidb Reversal of Base class in PerVolumeJSON
(edit) @31004   6 years davidb added debug
(edit) @31003   6 years davidb Explicity default constructors added
(edit) @31002   6 years davidb Need to separate flatMap and foreach calls in PagedJSON
(edit) @31001   6 years davidb Code to work per-volume and per-page
(edit) @31000   6 years davidb Class name refactoring
(edit) @30999   6 years davidb Class name refactoring
(edit) @30998   6 years davidb Class name refactoring
(edit) @30997   6 years davidb Verbosity control over printing
(edit) @30996   6 years davidb Code refactoring
(edit) @30995   6 years davidb Adjustment of NUM_PARTITIONS to be based on Spark recommended calculation
(edit) @30994   6 years davidb Additional useful links. Links open in new tab
(edit) @30993   6 years davidb Placeholder page to provide useful links to hadoop and solr cluster …
(edit) @30992   6 years davidb Additional adjustments after test run on cluster
(edit) @30991   6 years davidb Inital cut at README notes, and supporting links
(edit) @30990   6 years davidb opt name change
(edit) @30989   6 years davidb Changes to better suit EF set used with solr
(edit) @30988   6 years davidb Changed flag to 'read-only' and changed the filed name full text saved …
(edit) @30987   6 years Georgiy Litvinov Fixed different size in hierarchy button and li element
(edit) @30986   6 years davidb Debugging for double accumulator added
(edit) @30985   6 years davidb Changed to run main processing method as action rather than transform. …
(edit) @30984   6 years davidb Introduction of Spark accumulator to measure progress. Output of POST …
(edit) @30983   6 years davidb Useful helper script
(edit) @30982   6 years davidb Fixed to host_name for solr2 and solr3
(edit) @30981   6 years davidb Useful folder for 'on-the-side' packages
(edit) @30980   6 years davidb Code added to read response
(edit) @30979   6 years davidb _solr_url needs to be stored in class!
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