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(edit) @37169   8 days davidb tar-ball updated to use new form of URI for …
(edit) @37168   8 days davidb The old style of http-greenstone:// was found to be not allowed in …
(edit) @37160   9 days davidb Updated version: had forgotten a jar dependency in pom.xml needed to …
(edit) @37159   9 days davidb Additional metadata set (SASShortID) to help with creating IIIF …
(edit) @37146   11 days davidb Tweak to include untar step
(edit) @37145   11 days davidb No longer used. Moved to a gitfork version
(edit) @37144   11 days davidb Further refinement of process to compile up code
(edit) @37143   11 days davidb Tarred up version of the gitfork made to support Fuseki as an …
(edit) @37142   11 days davidb Updated details for using the gitfork version
(edit) @37141   11 days davidb Useful scripts to compile up, test, and use SimpleAnnotationServer
(edit) @37140   11 days davidb Updated to direct a developer to the packages/README.txt file
(edit) @37139   13 days davidb Need to replace spaces with underscore _
(edit) @37122   2 weeks davidb Still trying to get the GSDL3EXT test right! Fixed another typo in it
(edit) @37117   3 weeks davidb Allow for a page having now OCR'd text found
(edit) @37113   3 weeks davidb Range of updates: main one being to run in 'src' to …
(edit) @37112   3 weeks davidb Range of updates: main one being to run in 'src' to …
(edit) @37104   3 weeks davidb Added in svn ignore for untarred dir
(edit) @37103   3 weeks davidb Fixed typos on patched file name
(edit) @37102   3 weeks davidb Added in patching PATCHED-es-SimpleAnnotationServerV2Adapter.js
(edit) @37101   3 weeks davidb Newer version with Local and SAS Storage exported as classes; still …
(edit) @37066   4 weeks davidb Initial cut at files for working with SimpleAnnotationServer/Store
(edit) @37065   4 weeks davidb An array of changes resulting from testing with the Mirador3 viewer in …
(edit) @37064   5 weeks davidb Tweak to change the publicDir URL to point to the web/ext area
(edit) @37063   5 weeks davidb Script to simplify recreating the .tar.gz after code changes made to …
(edit) @37062   5 weeks davidb Fixed typo
(edit) @37060   5 weeks davidb Removed the 'allinone' version of functions
(edit) @37059   5 weeks davidb Turns out each canvas/page needs its own annotation-list
(edit) @37058   5 weeks davidb Fixed careless typo in test-and-set for GSDL3EXTS
(edit) @37046   5 weeks davidb Code extended to now generate Open Annotation (JSON format) of the …
(edit) @37045   5 weeks davidb Clearer details
(edit) @37044   5 weeks davidb Tweak the web prefix
(edit) @37043   5 weeks davidb Tweaks after testing
(edit) @37042   5 weeks davidb Files to get going with Mirador + mirador-annotations plugin in the …
(edit) @37010   7 weeks davidb Changes to make it easier to display OCR bounding-box info in …
(edit) @37008   7 weeks davidb Fixed silly typo
(edit) @37000   7 weeks davidb Changes after testing
(edit) @36999   7 weeks davidb Updated
(edit) @36996   7 weeks davidb Changes in response to testing out the retrieval of a document …
(edit) @36989   7 weeks davidb Initial work on developing a PagedImagePlugin that uses Google Vision …
(edit) @36988   7 weeks davidb Code refactor to GoogleVisionAPI in a separate Perl module so it can …
(edit) @36964   2 months davidb Experimenting with cruder version of algorithm to return k-nearest …
(edit) @36957   2 months davidb bump in version number used
(edit) @36956   2 months davidb Clear name to reflect the version of cantaloupe it works with
(edit) @36955   2 months davidb Bump in the version of Cantoloupe used to avoid 'pom' download …
(edit) @36954   2 months davidb No longer needed with selfconfained-python3
(edit) @36953   2 months davidb Removed deprecated instructions
(edit) @36952   2 months davidb Adding extension into GSDL3EXTS as well, so can work as a GS2Build …
(edit) @36920   2 months davidb Updated details
(edit) @36919   2 months davidb Changed to it finds the selfcontained-python3 cli extension
(edit) @36900   3 months davidb Added in extra echo newline
(edit) @36867   3 months davidb the result of checking out and running this extension using the new …
(edit) @36864   3 months davidb Attempt at a result set that merges later matches from the same doc-id
(edit) @36863   3 months davidb Further improvements to performing AV recommendation
(edit) @36859   3 months davidb Coding developments that mean param passed arousal and valence values …
(edit) @36857   3 months davidb Service now showing some basic functionality to retrieval songs
(edit) @36856   3 months davidb Now used in the installed service
(edit) @36855   3 months davidb Updated as a result of rolling out the code again on a fresh server (GCE)
(edit) @36854   3 months davidb Updated with new Java class
(edit) @36853   3 months davidb Logic that was being developed as a separate standalone Java project …
(edit) @36852   3 months davidb Adding in prop files in addition to java src
(edit) @36851   3 months davidb Was missing for some reason
(edit) @36845   3 months davidb Fixed small typo in version number
(edit) @36805   3 months davidb Changes that were found to be necessary on a Debian 10 machine where …
(edit) @36804   3 months davidb Adding in the needed tar file for YASM; topping up the directories to …
(edit) @36803   3 months davidb YASM added in to the cascade-compile sequence; NODEJS take out, at …
(edit) @36780   4 months davidb Updates to get things setup and going
(edit) @36779   4 months davidb tarred up portable python
(edit) @36778   4 months davidb Initial files to get a portable selfcontained python going for Linux
(edit) @36756   4 months davidb Easier way to get the autocomplete code, and put directly in the place …
(edit) @36676   4 months davidb Tweak to run on Cygwin/Windows
(edit) @36674   4 months davidb 64-bit JDK for Windows
(edit) @36673   4 months davidb Bump to newer version
(edit) @36672   4 months davidb No longer needed as moved to newer version
(edit) @36671   4 months davidb Newer version
(edit) @36653   4 months davidb Working through a set of changes where config values need to be …
(edit) @36631   4 months anupama Bugfix for why GS3's tomcat wasn't starting on Windows when ant start …
(edit) @36630   4 months davidb Top-level dir for a self-contained python3
(edit) @36629   4 months davidb Top-level dir for a self-contained python3
(edit) @36584   5 months davidb More nuanced install/configure targets, so when top-level build.xml …
(edit) @36582   5 months davidb Reverting back to round brackets, now that GLI uses square brackets to …
(edit) @36537   5 months davidb Fixed type in basedir name
(edit) @36527   5 months davidb Getting closer to a working version
(edit) @36526   5 months davidb Configuring of config files now operational
(edit) @36525   5 months davidb Work in process
(edit) @36524   5 months davidb Change of highlighting char to be more indicative of info rather than …
(edit) @36523   5 months davidb Updated testing and text details
(edit) @36522   5 months davidb Updated details
(edit) @36509   5 months davidb Fix so correctly installs war file
(edit) @36505   5 months davidb Fixed syntax error
(edit) @36504   5 months davidb Transitioning to more greenstone framed user accounts
(edit) @36503   5 months davidb Need to copy the WAR file to the tomcat webapps area
(edit) @36501   5 months davidb Correction to src-dir, after testing
(edit) @36500   5 months davidb Update to info
(edit) @36498   5 months davidb Initial set of instructions
(edit) @36497   5 months davidb Ignore untarred dir
(edit) @36496   5 months davidb Compile places war file in ../web/
(edit) @36495   5 months davidb Tweak resulting from new directory the script is run from
(edit) @36494   5 months davidb Now location for install scriupt
(edit) @36493   5 months davidb Need to untar if not already done
(edit) @36492   5 months davidb No longer needed
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