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Improving Javascript interaction with Java GS3 server

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Priority: moderate Milestone: 3.11 Release
Component: Collection Building Severity: major
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At present, the JS code is polling to find that collection building and activation has finished.

Polling within Java may be solved with event handlers firing events (causing interrupts) and activating event handling code.

But when Javascript on the client machine is interacting with java code on the server, to find out when a process is finished, google for:

  • web long poll (hack to avoid polling by asking the server's OS to do a system file look up process, that blocks until ready and so has the side-effect we want)
  • Better solution: web sockets. Confirm it is supported by all browsers.

But if using web sockets, need graceful fallback for older browsers and platforms that don't support web sockets. For instance, need to check if Android supports web sockets.

Google "shim", one or more short lines of code, that produce the functionality in a browser that has not yet been officially implemented in that browser, to bring it up to speed in behaviour with other browsers where that feature has been implemented.

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comment:1 by ak19, 6 years ago

The above changes are for the overall aim of

Allowing multiple users to use document editor on same collection and documents.

The changes should control access to resources to prevent concurrency issues.

comment:2 by kjdon, 2 years ago

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