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Use of GreenStone/Koha with Multimedia Production Management - e.g. Lumiera

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This was a feature request added to sourceforge greenstone 3 project in 2011 by "another watchman". Adding it here is case it is of interest to someone.

a selection of opportunities;

This program would work well with multimedia applications.

It provides highly relevant search results. It allows the addition of information for use in cataloguing.

It allows the searching of systems that local, remote, distant and disparate. It allows the access and retrieval from such systems, by any parties that wish to share their collections.

So material can be shared easily and used immediately, without the need for expensive projects to make the material compatible/uniform beforehand.

It performs the functions of "file", "open", "search" aswell as the internet functions of "(ftp) get" and "download".

===>> This makes it an ideal drop replacement, or optional alternative for the function of file access in a multimedia application. <<===

Use in the field of mulimedia collection management in production environments could lead to the development (through user requests) of additional functions and features.

Mulimedia projects often involve the use of so many clips or takes, that it is difficult to manage them all. It would save much note taking/making time, if the program had an ability to capture the response of the viewer/listener of material to the material, to record various (metatag/keyed) parameters as they play the media. This would make it much easier to re-view the desired parts of the media for more in depth review.

The user could assign parameters such as "subject", "action/activity", "scene", location", "quality"/"desirability"/"appropriateness", "relevance" to "topic(s)", "tag" and note a point, and ability to add more parameters in future .

These parameters may be saved with the file (where the file resides, or "in" the file), or saved separately by the user (to locally match with the file).

These parameters could also be made "collectable", and be able to be used for live (or future) continuous voting systems, and recording multiple "appreciation" reactions.

This is of course, probably not what the Greenstone or Koha teams envisaged as a use for this project when it was started. But the teams may appreciate the importance and impact that these well honed functions could have, when applied in this fashion.

Greenstone and Koha have been developed so far, as a result of needs related primarily with books and stationery/stationary media, but it may now be appreciated as having great potential to be applied to film archives, historical footage, oral history, collections, replay radio services, coordination of private or family collections, and much more.

Parameters may be made understandable to the multimedia program (e.g. by plugin), so the search results can be handled in a more automated fashion; for example, layup on a multirack time line, with automated suggested in/out points for clips.

The editing decisions (EDLs) that get made from within the editing/viewing/clip selection program, could be transferred back to the media file's repository for re-use by anybody/thing else in future. So the multimedia program, could store parameters from it, alongside the (unaltered) original version of the media at the location of the media (or at the user's local location).

Search results could be dispalyed (in Greenstone/Koha) by allowing more than one instance of a multimedia player(s) to be shown at once. For example the results could be precised on four displays within a window, using players that are optimised for each respective media file type, at fast speed, with example sound clips. This view format could be developed by using the viewer functions of players and editors, that have development teams that are willing to work with the Greenstone/Koha project. This view format could conveniently be the "clip sellection" function in each of their projects, brought across for use in this project.

The multimedia project, probably will not have a highly developed clip viewer function, that can also collect "relevancy response/input" from the viewer - but given the resultant impact on the useability and applicability on their own package, they could well be willing to set up a team to develop one (each).

This is maybe something which G/K project does not want to spend time on at present, but if interested in doing it in future, then it could consider inviting multimedia projects to join it in working something out on this, then leave it in their court to progress it. Just need to sort out how the information can be understood by both programs.

Some example video editing projects that might be willing to either actively add inter-operability with Greenstone/Koha, or willing to eventually look at it might include;

1) Cinelerra at and

2) MLT at used for making and

3) Lumiera, which is a Cinelerra offshoot in it's infancy but has plenty of promise, and is at the gestation stage where it may be capable of taking new functionalities that other established systems can only treat as an add-on rather than designed to accommodate. see with Debian and Ubuntu versions at

4) GStreamer at as used in making PiTiVi video editor at .

5) LongoMatch which is a video system that allows sports coaches to attach comments to video records. See and

6) Open Movie Editor

These same editors could be used to touch up or improve (without the loss of original material) the presentation of collections, to attract greater audiences, users, and applications. This would enhance the viability of collections, and encourage the creation of additional material.

This project could save much trouble associated with traditional storage and catalogging systems that require the knowledge of the whereabouts of some file in the depths of a large Folder or Directree Tree.

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