root/gs2-extensions @ 33325

Name Size Rev Age Last Change
xsd-to-gs-metaset 28383 6 years ak19: Added a bash script equivalent to the batch script added yesterday. …
xpdf-tools 32272 15 months sjm84: Minor change: clarifying comments before I start committing PDFPlugin …
video-and-audio 29648 5 years jmt12: Extending the Image document class with SIFT processing so as to trigger …
tika 23025 9 years sjm84: Adding a compressed version of the tika extension
tdb 30372 4 years jmt12: Merged into main GS2 perllib replacing older
subversion 28195 6 years davidb: Increased robustness in running these setup files
rsync 23879 8 years davidb: Extra check added to look for Greenstone3 setup file
postgres-gis 23107 9 years sjm84: Modified this extension to use default_toplevel_make_dist
poppler 24304 8 years sjm84: Some initial files for Poppler
pharos-annotate 28781 6 years davidb: Added external link to cascade-make library
pdf-box 32823 7 months ak19: The pdfbox extension tarballs now contain the PDFBoxToImagesAndText.class …
parallel-building 30354 4 years jmt12: Extending manifest v2 support to allow for directories to be listed in …
open-office 32323 14 months ak19: 1. Dr Bainbridge fixed the way OpenOfficeConverter? launched soffice in …
ocr 30201 4 years davidb: Zach's hard work improving OCR in Greenstone
ngramj 25155 8 years papitha: Tidy up of code to give controlled output (verbosity>=2)
mysql 23106 9 years sjm84: Modified this extension to use default_toplevel_make_dist
music-stand 22581 9 years davidb: page loads smaller chunks, fixed bugs
music-ir-src 33105 4 months davidb: Some initial work in support Essentia computed audio features using Python …
mini-unix 24705 8 years davidb: A version of mini-unix that includes 'ssh' and 'svn'.
iOS-3.x 22604 9 years davidb: Renamed to be consistent with iOS-1.x
iOS-1.x 22548 9 years davidb: Original version of Greenstone2 app for iPhone/iPod-touch
imagemagick 32937 6 months ak19: Spelling and grammatical corrections and clearer explanations
gsdl-amp 28345 6 years davidb: Minor tweak to compiling up apache
gnome-lib 32974 6 months sjm84: Rebuilt lin64 version of gnome-lib-min tarball after the recent changes …
echoprint 28864 6 years ak19: Minor change to get it compiling without bash syntax errors.
diva 30202 4 years davidb: Zach's image viewer extension for Greenstone using diva from McGill?
audio 21596 10 years kjdon: Renaming gsdl-audio to audio, as its now inside a gs2-extensions folder
apache-jena 29430 5 years sjs49: gs-triplestore-reset now uses a correctly formed SPARQL query, as the …
afrepo 28352 6 years davidb: Restructured to have 'about' and 'download' pages
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