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29.08.2018 21:14:39 (2 years ago)

1. Renaming some targets for ease of remembering. 2. Putting the renew-https-cert target into build.xml but there may be more work to do with this, such as adding a post hook that installs the certificate. Unable to test yet.

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  • main/trunk/greenstone3/build.xml

    r32383 r32384  
    16101610  <!-- ============ Targets concerned with https certification ================ --> 
     1611  <!-- Renewing existing https certificate 
     1613       ./path/to/GS3/bin/linux/certbot-auto renew ==quiet ==no-self-upgrade 
     1614  --> 
     1615  <target name="renew-existing-https-cert"> 
     1616    <echo> 
     1617      NOTE: To run this target, 
     1618      * you need to have sudo permissions. Enter the sudo password if prompted. 
     1619      * ensure nothing is running on port 80. 
     1621      If you want your cronjob to renew a certificate, you can add pre and post hooks 
     1622      refer to  
     1623      For more information run: 
     1624         ./path/to/GS3/bin/linux/certbot-auto --help renew 
     1625    </echo> 
     1626    <exec executable="./certbot-auto" dir="${basedir}/bin/${os.bin.dir}" failonerror="true"> 
     1627     <arg value="renew"/> 
     1628     <arg value="--quiet"/> 
     1629     <arg value="--no-self-upgrade"/> 
     1630    </exec> 
     1631  </target> 
    16111633  <!-- Revoke the certificate and remove it, including folders. 
    16121634       See 
    16141636       ==staging or ==test-cert flag, that flag must be passed to the revoke subcommand." 
    16151637  --> 
    1616   <target name="remove-cert-https"> 
     1638  <target name="remove-https-cert"> 
    16171639    <echo> 
    16181640      NOTE: You need to have sudo permissions to execute this target. 
    16411663  </target> 
    1643   <target name="setup-cert-https-info"> 
     1665  <target name="setup-https-cert-info"> 
    16441666    <echo> 
    16451667      ********************************************************************* 
    16521674      Note that: 
    1653       * if you already have a certificate, then you probably don't want to be running this target but the 'ant renew-cert-https' target instead, to renew your existing certificate. 
     1675      * if you already have a certificate, then you probably don't want to be running this target but the 'ant renew-existing-https-cert' target instead, to renew your existing certificate. 
    16541676      * if you run this target when you already have a generated certificate, the existing certificate will remain unchanged and the script will terminate with a message alerting you to this fact. 
    16551677    </echo> 
    16771699  </target> 
    1679   <target name="setup-cert-https" depends="setup-cert-https-info,https-conditions-set"> 
     1701  <target name="setup-https-cert" depends="setup-https-cert-info,https-conditions-set"> 
    16801702    <input addproperty="">Enter an email that Let's Encrypt, the certification authority, can send any important notifications to</input> 
    16811703    <input addproperty="">Besides tomcat.server=${tomcat.server}, you may enter a comma separated list of additional domains to support if any</input>