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(edit) @23115 [23115] 9 years sjm84 Fixed up the darwin gnome-lib to include the pkgconfig fixes
(edit) @23112 [23112] 9 years sjm84 Removed some unnecessary code
(edit) @23103 [23103] 9 years sjm84 Added the ability to change the dist name (e.g. linux, windows, java etc.)
(edit) @23099 [23099] 9 years sjm84 A few minor fixes to the gnome lib setup.bash
(edit) @23096 [23096] 9 years sjm84 Upgraded this extension to use the exthome variable correctly and a few …
(edit) @23083 [23083] 9 years sjm84 Fixed a few errors in this compiled up extension
(edit) @23082 [23082] 9 years sjm84 Added a missing backslash
(edit) @23080 [23080] 9 years sjm84 Modified the method used to pass a variable into Greenstone's setup.bash
(edit) @23079 [23079] 9 years sjm84 Several upgrades to this compiled up extension
(edit) @23078 [23078] 9 years sjm84 Swapped the order of sourcing cascade-lib.bash and setup.bash in …
(edit) @23076 [23076] 9 years sjm84 Several changes to the GNOME support library to fix issues when a …
(edit) @23039 [23039] 9 years sjm84 Modified this version of the gnome-lib to include shared libraries
(edit) @23038 [23038] 9 years sjm84 Trying a version of this extension without static compilation
(edit) @23030 [23030] 9 years sjm84 Adding a compiled version of the gnome-lib extension for mac/darwin
(edit) @23028 [23028] 9 years sjm84 Adding a compiled version of this extension for linux
(edit) @23027 [23027] 9 years sjm84 Adding cascade-make as an external project
(edit) @23026 [23026] 9 years sjm84 Updating the gnome-lib extension to use the new folder structure
(edit) @22956 [22956] 9 years sjm84 Adding a devel.bash file for the gnome-lib extension so that it is easy to …
(edit) @22943 [22943] 9 years sjm84 Several parts of the gnome-lib are no longer statically complied on Mac
(edit) @22932 [22932] 9 years sjm84 The gnome-lib extension now only compiles static libraries for libgsf …
(edit) @22825 [22825] 9 years sjm84 Added gettext to the packages and adjusted the necessary environment …
(edit) @22816 [22816] 9 years ak19 This will now source setup.bash before it begins compiling
(edit) @22811 [22811] 9 years ak19 Added more content to the gnome lib extension
(edit) @22805 [22805] 9 years ak19 Add the contents of the gnome-lib extension
(edit) @22803 [22803] 9 years ak19 Adding a trunk directory for the gnome-lib extension
(add) @22802 [22802] 9 years ak19 Adding a directory for the new gnome-lib extension
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