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(edit) @17576 [17576] 11 years oranfry more HCI changes to the installer: an animated activity indicator during …
(edit) @17538 [17538] 11 years oranfry getting the language selector page going in all installers
(edit) @17444 [17444] 11 years oranfry jre now part of core
(edit) @17381 [17381] 11 years oranfry new logic for installing components which are now individually compressed
(edit) @17281 [17281] 11 years oranfry tidied up some xml files
(edit) @17107 [17107] 11 years oranfry changed build scripts and create-installer targets after the greenstone …
(edit) @17041 [17041] 11 years oranfry have the installer use the new license file
(edit) @16817 [16817] 11 years oranfry fixed installer sourcecode target, use shared code from rk2 targets and …
(edit) @16747 [16747] 11 years oranfry simplification of installer descriptors
(edit) @16633 [16633] 11 years oranfry changes afer splitting gsdl into common, build and runtime
(edit) @16087 [16087] 11 years oranfry did the bulk of the work on the windows release kit for greenstone2
(edit) @16079 [16079] 11 years oranfry corrections to the splitting and joining scheme, and a few fixes to make …
(copy) @16077 [16077] 11 years oranfry creating wirk2, basing it off of wirk3 which now wirks, i mean works
copied from release-kits/wirk3/installer/antinstall-config.xml:
(edit) @15381 [15381] 11 years oranfry installer now has the ability to add start menu shortcuts
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