Ticket #741 (new defect)

Opened 9 years ago

Mac filename encoding issue with test files

Reported by: ak19 Owned by: nobody
Priority: moderate Milestone:
Component: Collection Building Severity: minor
Keywords: encoding Cc:


The following occurs when we use the filename-encodings test files on the MAC:

- download filename-encodings from the test-collections area of SVN.

- extract it using tar -xvzf on Mac

- Files in the Native-Latin-7 get automatically renamed to have % values, e.g. Latin-7-TestImage?_beta_%E2.jpg

- These URL encoded filenames then get stored doubly encoded in the archives folder upon build. For the earlier example, archives will contain: Latin-7-TestImage?_beta_%25E2.jpg

- Then the files are wrongly linked to when the pages are served in the browser by Greenstone: links point to for example "Latin-7-TestImage?_beta_%E2.jpg", a file that does not exist on the system since it had been re-created as Latin-7-TestImage?_beta_%25E2.jpg instead.

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