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Opened 4 years ago

GLI's GShell class - change to use StreamGobbler?

Reported by: ak19 Owned by: nobody
Priority: moderate Milestone: 3.09 Release
Component: GLI Severity: major
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GLI's GShell class creates and runs a Process. GShell's handling of the Input, Output and Error streams of the Process may not conform to the "when stdin/stdout/stderr doesn't work" article that Dr Bainbridge found. The gli/src util folder contains the *StreamGobbler? classes to handle the IOStreams of Processes correctly. Should GShell be changed to use StreamGobbler? like FormatConversionDialog?.java (and GS3ServerThread.java) do at present? If so, the changes to GShell need to be tested extensively by using GLI, since GShell is GLI's way of running perl scripts and GLI is not tested by diffcol.

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