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issue web editor incremental build

Reported by: kjdon Owned by: nobody
Priority: moderate Milestone: 3.09 Release
Component: Greenstone3 Runtime Severity: major
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When using lucene and gdbm, the web editor cannot process the metadata changes. metadata gets saved ok to the archives. The build process cmodifies the lucene indexes online, then tries to modify the gdbm database, but it cannot open it to write to it. Presumably because the server has it open.

With mgpp indexer, we are running buildcol.pl -builddir index. It can't do incremental, so removeold is set. Does this then just delete the index and recreate it? what happens to other people using the collection???

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Changed 4 years ago by kjdon

Sample log message:

*** creating the info database and processing associated files /Scratch/kjdon/gs3-pei-jones-plus-twso/gs2build/bin/linux/txt2db: Couldn't create/open '/Scratch/kjdon/gs3-pei-jones-plus-twso/web/sites/pei-jones/collect/taonga/index/text/taonga.gdb'

Can't be writer gdbm errno = 10 OS errno = 11

gdbm_open failed: : Resource temporarily unavailable ArchivesInfPlugin?: processing /Scratch/kjdon/gs3-pei-jones-plus-twso/web/sites/pei-jones/collect/taonga/archives/archiveinf-doc.gdb GreenstoneXMLPlugin: processing 3Q9_1.dir/doc.xml

Adding reconstructed 3Q3_4 into classify structures Adding reconstructed 3Q2_1a-b into classify structures Adding reconstructed 3Q2_3 into classify structures Adding reconstructed 3Q3_7 into classify structures

/Scratch/kjdon/gs3-pei-jones-plus-twso/gs2build/bin/script/buildcol.pl: Error: Broken pipe at /Scratch/kjdon/gs3-pei-jones-plus-twso/gs2build/perllib/mgppbuilder.pm line 43. Error: Failed to run: "/usr/bin/perl" -S buildcol.pl -incremental "-incremental" "-builddir" "/Scratch/kjdon/gs3-pei-jones-plus-twso/web/sites/pei-jones/collect/taonga/index" "-site" "pei-jones" "-collectdir" "/Scratch/kjdon/gs3-pei-jones-plus-twso/web/sites/pei-jones/collect" "taonga" got SIGPIPE

Changed 4 years ago by kjdon

jdbm seems to be fine. Problem just with gdbm.

Changed 3 years ago by kjdon

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This has been fixed by deactivating the collection before modifying the gdbm database, then reactivating.

See ticket #902

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