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    210210_textpagetitle_ [l=mr] {à€—à¥à€°à¥€à€š à€žà¥à€Ÿà¥‹à€š à€¿à€¡à€œà¥€à€Ÿà€² à€²à€Ÿà€¯à€¬à¥à€°à€°à¥€}  # Updated 23-Nov-2006 by shubha 
     212_textnocollections_ [l=mr] {à€¯à¥‹à€—à¥à€¯ à€šà€Ÿà€¹à¥€ (à€®à¥à€¹à€£à€œà¥‡ à€€à€¯à€Ÿà€° à€µ à€žà€Ÿà€°à¥à€µà€œà€šà€¿à€•) à€žà€‚à€—à¥à€°à€¹ à€‰à€ªà€²à€¬à¥à€§ à€†à€¹à¥‡}  # Updated 29-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    211214_textadmin_ [l=mr] {à€®à¥à€–à¥à€¯ à€ªà€Ÿà€š}  # Updated 27-Oct-2006 by shubha 
    212215_textabgs_ [l=mr] {à€—à¥à€°à¥€à€šà€žà¥à€Ÿà¥‹à€š à€µà€¿à€·à€¯à¥€}  # Updated 27-Oct-2006 by shubha 
    213216_textgsdocs_ [l=mr] {à€—à¥à€°à¥€à€šà€žà¥à€Ÿà¥‹à€šà€šà¥‡ à€Šà€žà¥à€€à€à€µà€œ}  # Updated 27-Oct-2006 by shubha 
    215 # -- Missing translation: _textdescradmin_ 
    217 # -- Missing translation: _textdescrgogreenstone_ 
     218_textdescradmin_ [l=mr] {à€¯à€Ÿ à€Šà¥à€µà€Ÿà€°à¥‡ à€€à¥à€®à¥à€¹à¥€ à€šà€µà€¿à€š à€‰à€ªà€¯à¥‹à€œà€• à€˜à€Ÿà€²à¥‚à€š à€žà€‚à€—à¥à€°à€¹ à€žà€‚à€•à¥à€·à€¿à€ªà¥à€€ à€•à€°à¥‚ à€¶à€•à€€à€Ÿ, à€µ à€—à¥à€°à¥€à€šà€žà¥à€Ÿà¥‹à€š à€®à€§à¥à€¯à¥‡ à€‡à€‚à€šà¥à€žà¥à€Ÿà¥‰à€²à¥‡à€¶à€š à€µà€¿à€·à€¯à¥€ à€€à€Ÿà€‚à€€à¥à€°à€¿à€• à€®à€Ÿà€¹à€¿à€€à¥€ à€­à€°à¥‚ à€¶à€•à€€à€Ÿ}  # Updated 24-Nov-2006 by shubha 
     220_textdescrgogreenstone_ [l=mr] {à€—à¥à€°à¥€à€šà€žà¥à€Ÿà¥‹à€š à€žà¥‰à€«à¥à€Ÿà€µà¥‡à€ 
     221à€° à€µ à€šà¥à€¯à¥‚à€à¥€à€²à€‚à€¡ à€ 
     222à€‚à€•à¥€à€•à¥ƒà€€ à€—à¥à€°à€‚à€¥à€Ÿà€²à€¯ à€ªà¥à€°à€•à€²à¥à€ª à€¯à€Ÿ à€µà€¿à€·à€¯à¥€ à€®à€Ÿà€¹à€¿à€€à¥€}  # Updated 27-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    219224_textdescrgodocs_ [l=mr] {à€—à¥à€°à¥€à€šà€žà¥à€Ÿà¥‹à€šà€šà¥€ à€®à€Ÿà€¹à€¿à€€à¥€à€ªà¥à€žà¥à€€à€¿à€•à€Ÿ}  # Updated 27-Oct-2006 by shubha 
    229234package collector 
    231 # -- Missing translation: _textcollector_ 
     236_textcollector_ [l=mr] {à€žà€‚à€—à¥à€°à€¹à€•}  # Updated 24-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    232237_textdescrcollector_ [l=mr] {à€¹à¥‡ à€ªà¥à€°à€Šà€°à¥à€¶à€šà€Ÿà€šà€Ÿ à€ªà¥à€°à€•à€Ÿà€° ....}  # Updated 27-Oct-2006 by shubha 
    241246_textgti_ [l=mr] {à€—à¥à€°à¥€à€šà€žà¥à€Ÿà¥‹à€š à€Ÿà€Ÿà¥à€°à€šà€žà€²à¥‡à€Ÿà€° à€‡à€‚à€Ÿà€°à€«à¥‡à€ž}  # Updated 23-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    242 # -- Missing translation: _textdescrtranslator_ 
     247_textdescrtranslator_ [l=mr] {à€®à€Šà€€à¥€à€µà¥à€Šà€Ÿà€°à¥‡ à€€à¥à¥à€®à¥à€¹à¥€ à€—à¥à€°à¥€à€šà€žà¥à€Ÿà¥‹à€š à€‡à€‚à€Ÿà€°à€«à¥‡à€žà€šà¥à€¯à€Ÿ à€ 
     248à€Šà¥à€¯à€¯à€Ÿà€µà€€ à€†à€µà¥ƒà€€à¥à€€à¥€ à€ªà€Ÿà€¹à¥‚ à€¶à€•à€€à€Ÿ.}  # Updated 27-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    296302_texticoncont_ [l=mr] {à€ªà¥à€¢à¥‡ à€œà€Ÿà€¯à€šà€¯?}  # Updated 18-Sep-2006 by shubha 
    298 # -- Missing translation: _textltwarning_ 
     304_textltwarning_ [l=mr] {<div class="buttons">_imagecont_</div> 
     305_iconwarning_Expanding the text here will generate a large  
     306amount of data for your browser to display 
     307}  # Updated 25-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    300309_textgoto_ [l=mr] {à€¯à€Ÿ à€ªà€Ÿà€šà€Ÿà€µà€° à€œà€Ÿ}  # Updated 19-Sep-2006 by shubha 
    319328_textNOHIGHLIGHT_ [l=mr] {à€ à€³à€• à€šà€•à¥‹}  # Updated 27-Oct-2006 by shubha 
     330_textnextsearchresult_ [l=mr] {à€ªà¥à€¢à¥€à€² à€¶à¥‹à€§}  # Updated 29-Nov-2006 by shubha 
     331_textprevsearchresult_ [l=mr] {à€†à€§à¥€à€šà¥‡ à€¶à¥‹à€§}  # Updated 29-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    333344# 'No matches for query: querystring', depending on whether or not there were 
    334345# any matches 
    335 # -- Missing translation: _textquerytitle_ 
     346_textquerytitle_ [l=mr] {If_(_thislast_,results _thisfirst_ - _thislast_ for query: _cgiargq_,No matches for query: _cgiargq_) 
     347}  # Updated 24-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    336348_textnoquerytitle_ [l=mr] {à€¶à¥‹à€§ à€ªà€Ÿà€š }  # Updated 14-Sep-2006 by shubha 
    344356_texticonsearchhistorybar_ [l=mr] {à€¯à€Ÿ à€ªà¥à€°à¥à€µà¥€à€šà¥‡ à€¶à¥‹à€§}  # Updated 27-Oct-2006 by shubha 
    346 # -- Missing translation: _textifeellucky_ 
     358_textifeellucky_ [l=mr] {à€®à¥€ à€­à€Ÿà€—à¥à€¯à€µà€Ÿà€š à€†à€¹à¥‡.}  # Updated 27-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    348360#alt text for query buttons 
    349361_textusequery_ [l=mr] {à€¹à€Ÿ à€ªà¥à€°à€¶à¥à€š à€µà€Ÿà€ªà€°à€Ÿ.}  # Updated 25-Sep-2006 by shubha 
    350362_textfreqmsg1_ [l=mr] {à€¶à€¬à¥à€Š à€žà€‚à€–à¥à€¯à€Ÿ:}  # Updated 14-Sep-2006 by shubha 
    351 # -- Missing translation: _textpostprocess_ 
     363_textpostprocess_ [l=mr] {_If_(_quotedquery_,<br><i>post-processed to find _quotedquery_</i> 
     364)}  # Updated 27-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    352365_textinvalidquery_ [l=mr] {à€ªà¥à€°à€¶à¥à€°à€Ÿà€šà¥€ à€µà€Ÿà€•à¥à€¯à€°à€šà€šà€Ÿ à€šà€¿à€°à¥à€ªà€¯à¥‹à€—à¥€ à€†à€¹à¥‡}  # Updated 27-Oct-2006 by shubha 
    353366_textstopwordsmsg_ [l=mr] {à€¯à€Ÿ à€žà€‚à€œà¥à€žà€Ÿ à€žà€Ÿà€®à€Ÿà€šà¥à€¯ à€†à€¹à¥‡à€€}  # Updated 19-Sep-2006 by shubha 
    384397_textsimplesearch_ [l=mr] {à€¯à€Ÿ à€šà¥Œà€•à€Ÿà¥€à€€ à€†à€ªà€²à€Ÿ à€ªà¥à€°à€¶à¥à€š à€²à€¿à€¹à€Ÿ}  # Updated 14-Sep-2006 by shubha 
    386 # -- Missing translation: _textadvancedsearch_ 
    388 # -- Missing translation: _textadvancedmgppsearch_ 
    390 # -- Missing translation: _textadvancedlucenesearch_ 
    392 # -- Missing translation: _textformsimplesearch_ 
    394 # -- Missing translation: _textformadvancedsearchmgpp_ 
    396 # -- Missing translation: _textformadvancedsearchlucene_ 
     399_textadvancedsearch_ [l=mr] {Search _indexselection_ _If_(_jselection_,of _jselection_ )_If_(_gselection_,at _gselection_ level )_If_(_nselection_,in _nselection_ language )using _querytypeselection_ query}  # Updated 27-Nov-2006 by shubha 
     401_textadvancedmgppsearch_ [l=mr] {Search _indexselection_ _If_(_jselection_,of _jselection_ )_If_(_gselection_,at _gselection_ level )_If_(_nselection_,in _nselection_ language ) and display results in _formquerytypeadvancedselection_ order}  # Updated 27-Nov-2006 by shubha 
     403_textadvancedlucenesearch_ [l=mr] {Search _indexselection__If_(_jselection_, of _jselection_)_If_(_gselection_, at _gselection_ level)_If_(_nselection_, in _nselection_ language)_If_(_sfselection_,\,_allowformbreak_ sorting results by _sfselection_\,) for }  # Updated 27-Nov-2006 by shubha 
     405_textformsimplesearch_ [l=mr] {Search _If_(_jselection_, _jselection_)_If_(_gformselection_, at _gformselection_ level)_If_(_nselection_, in _nselection_ language)_If_(_sfselection_,\, sorting results by _sfselection_\,) for _formquerytypesimpleselection_ of }  # Updated 27-Nov-2006 by shubha 
     407_textformadvancedsearchmgpp_ [l=mr] {Search _If_(_jselection_,_jselection_ )_If_(_gformselection_,at _gformselection_ level )_If_(_nselection_,in _nselection_ language )and display results in _formquerytypeadvancedselection_ order }  # Updated 27-Nov-2006 by shubha 
     409_textformadvancedsearchlucene_ [l=mr] {Search _If_(_jselection_, _jselection_)_If_(_gformselection_,  at _gformselection_ level)_If_(_nselection_, in _nselection_ language)_If_(_sfselection_,\, sorting results by _sfselection_\,) for }  # Updated 24-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    398411_textnojsformwarning_ [l=mr] {à€žà¥à€šà€šà€Ÿà€ƒà€œà€Ÿà€µà€Ÿà€žà¥à€•à¥à€°à€¿à€ªà¥à€Ÿ à€€à¥à€®à€šà¥à€¯à€Ÿ à€¬à¥à€°à€Ÿà€‰à€à€° à€µà€° à€¬à€‚à€Š à€†à€¹à¥‡. à€¶à¥‹à€§à€£à¥à€¯à€Ÿà€žà€Ÿà€ à¥€ à€«à¥‰à€°à¥à€® à€¹à€µà€Ÿ à€ 
    401414_textstartdate_ [l=mr] {à€žà¥à€°à¥‚à€µà€Ÿà€€ (à€•à€¿à€‚à€µà€Ÿ à€«à€•à¥à€€) à€€à€Ÿà€°à¥€à€–}  # Updated 19-Sep-2006 by shubha 
    402415_textenddate_ [l=mr] {à€¶à¥‡à€µà€Ÿà€šà¥€ à€€à€Ÿà€°à¥€à€– / à€€à€Ÿà€°à€–à¥‡ à€ªà€°à¥à€¯à€‚à€€ }  # Updated 27-Oct-2006 by shubha 
    403 # -- Missing translation: _textbc_ 
     416_textbc_ [l=mr] {à€¬à¥€.à€žà¥€.à€ˆ.}  # Updated 27-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    404417_textad_ [l=mr] {à€•à¥‰à€®à€š à€à€°à€Ÿ}  # Updated 14-Sep-2006 by shubha 
    405 # -- Missing translation: _textexplaineras_ 
     418_textexplaineras_ [l=mr] {à€žà¥€.à€ˆ à€µ à€¬à¥€.à€žà¥€.à€ˆ à€¯à€Ÿ à€žà€‚à€œà¥à€žà€Ÿ à€.à€¡à¥€. à€µ à€¬à¥€.à€žà¥€. à€•à€°à¥€à€€à€Ÿ à€‰à€ªà€¯à¥‹à€œà€²à¥à€¯à€Ÿ à€†à€¹à¥‡à€€.à€¯à€Ÿà€šà€Ÿ à€ 
     419à€°à¥à€¥ "à€•à¥‰à€®à€š à€à€°à€Ÿ" à€µ "à€•à¥‰à€®à€š à€à€°à€Ÿà€šà¥à€¯à€Ÿ à€†à€§à¥€"}  # Updated 24-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    407421_textstemon_ [l=mr] {à€¶à€¬à¥à€Šà€Ÿà€‚à€šà€Ÿ à€¶à¥‡à€µà€Ÿà€šà€Ÿ à€­à€Ÿà€— à€Šà¥à€°à¥à€²à€•à¥à€·à€¿à€€ à€•à€°à¥‚à€š}  # Updated 27-Oct-2006 by shubha 
    417431_texthboolean_ [l=mr] {à€¬à¥à€²à€¿à€¯à€š}  # Updated 27-Oct-2006 by shubha 
    418432_texthranked_ [l=mr] {à€“à€³à¥€à€€}  # Updated 27-Oct-2006 by shubha 
    419 # -- Missing translation: _texthcaseon_ 
    420 # -- Missing translation: _texthcaseoff_ 
     433_texthcaseon_ [l=mr] {à€žà€‚à€œà¥à€žà€Ÿ à€œà¥à€³à€²à¥à€¯à€Ÿ à€ªà€Ÿà€¹à€¿à€œà¥‡à€€.}  # Updated 27-Nov-2006 by shubha 
     434_texthcaseoff_ [l=mr] {à€•à¥‡à€žà€«à¥‹à€²à¥à€¡}  # Updated 27-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    421435_texthstemon_ [l=mr] {à€¥à€Ÿà€‚à€¬à€µà€Ÿ}  # Updated 27-Oct-2006 by shubha 
    422436_texthstemoff_ [l=mr] {à€¥à€Ÿà€‚à€¬à€µà¥‚ à€šà€•à€Ÿ}  # Updated 27-Oct-2006 by shubha 
    447461_textstem_ [l=mr] {à€¶à€¬à¥à€Šà€Ÿà€‚à€šà€Ÿ à€¶à¥‡à€µà€Ÿà€šà€Ÿ à€­à€Ÿà€— à€Šà¥à€°à¥à€²à€•à¥à€·à€¿à€€ à€•à€°à€Ÿ}  # Updated 23-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    448462_textnostem_ [l=mr] {à€žà€‚à€ªà¥à€°à¥à€£ à€¶à€¬à¥à€Š à€œà¥à€³à€²à€Ÿ à€ªà€Ÿà€¹à€¿à€œà¥‡}  # Updated 19-Sep-2006 by shubha 
    449 # -- Missing translation: _textaccentdiffs_ 
     463_textaccentdiffs_ [l=mr] {à€‰à€šà¥à€šà€Ÿà€° à€µà¥‡à€—à€³à¥‡}  # Updated 27-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    450464_textignoreaccents_ [l=mr] {à€‰à€šà¥à€šà€Ÿà€° à€Šà¥à€°à¥à€²à€•à¥à€·à€¿à€€ à€•à€°à€Ÿ.}  # Updated 27-Oct-2006 by shubha 
    451465_textmatchaccents_ [l=mr] {à€‰à€šà¥à€šà€Ÿà€° à€œà¥à€³à€²à¥‡à€š à€ªà€Ÿà€¹à€¿à€œà¥‡à€€.}  # Updated 27-Oct-2006 by shubha 
    453 # -- Missing translation: _textprefop_ 
     467_textprefop_ [l=mr] {Return up to _maxdocoption_ hits with _hitsperpageoption_ hits per page.}  # Updated 27-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    454468_textextlink_ [l=mr] {à€¬à€Ÿà€¹à¥‡à€°à¥€à€² à€®à€Ÿà€¹à€¿à€€à¥€ à€œà€Ÿà€³à¥à€¯à€Ÿà€•à€¡à¥€à€² à€ªà€Ÿà€šà€Ÿà€‚à€µà€° à€œà€Ÿà€£à¥à€¯à€Ÿà€šà€Ÿ à€®à€Ÿà€°à¥à€—}  # Updated 15-Sep-2006 by shubha 
    455469_textintlink_ [l=mr] {à€¶à¥‹à€§à€²à¥‡à€²à¥‡ à€Šà€žà¥à€€à€à€µà€œ}  # Updated 14-Sep-2006 by shubha 
    467481_textgraphical_ [l=mr] {à€†à€²à¥‡à€–à¥€à€¯}  # Updated 20-Sep-2006 by shubha 
    468482_texttextual_ [l=mr] {à€†à€¶à€¯ à€¶à¥‹à€§}  # Updated 26-Sep-2006 by shubha 
    469 # -- Missing translation: _textcollectionoption_ 
     483_textcollectionoption_ [l=mr] {<p> 
     485<br>}  # Updated 27-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    471487_textsearchtype_ [l=mr] {à€šà¥Œà€•à€¶à¥€}  # Updated 23-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    523539à€žà€²à¥à€¯à€Ÿà€ž à€†à€ªà€£ à€¶à¥‹à€§à¥ à€¶à€•à€€à€Ÿ. à€¹à¥‡ à€žà¥à€°à€µà€Ÿà€€à¥€à€šà¥‡ à€ªà€Ÿà€š à€†à€¹à¥‡. à€¯à€Ÿ à€ªà€Ÿà€šà€Ÿà€µà€° à€†à€ªà€£ à€ªà€°à€€ à€¯à¥‡à€Š à€¶à€•à€€à€Ÿ. à€€à¥à€¯à€Ÿ à€žà€Ÿà€ à¥€ ''à€¶à¥‹à€§à€Ÿ'' à€¹à¥‡ à€¬à€Ÿà€£ à€Šà€Ÿà€¬à€Ÿ.}  # Updated 26-Sep-2006 by shubha 
    524540_textTohelp_ [l=mr] {à€²à¥‡à€¬à€² à€Ÿà¥‚ à€¹à¥‡ à€¬à€Ÿà€š à€Šà€Ÿà€¬à¥‚à€š à€Šà€žà¥à€€à€à€µà€œ à€•à¥à€·à¥‡à€€à¥à€°à€Ÿà€‚à€ªà¥à€°à€®à€Ÿà€£à¥‡ à€¶à¥‹à€§à€Ÿ}  # Updated 27-Oct-2006 by shubha 
    525 # -- Missing translation: _textFromhelp_ 
     541_textFromhelp_ [l=mr] {_labelFrom_ button  à€¯à€Ÿ à€¬à€Ÿà€šà€Ÿà€µà¥à€Šà€Ÿà€°à¥‡ à€ªà¥à€°à€•à€Ÿà€¶à€šà€‚ à€¶à¥‹à€§à€Ÿ}  # Updated 27-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    526542_textBrowsehelp_ [l=mr] {à€Šà€žà¥à€€à€à€µà€œ à€ªà€¹à€Ÿ}  # Updated 28-Oct-2006 by shubha 
    527543_textAcronymhelp_ [l=mr] {à€žà€‚à€•à¥à€·à€¿à€ªà¥à€€ à€°à¥‚à€ª à€¹à¥‡ à€¬à€Ÿà€š à€Šà€Ÿà€¬à€²à¥à€¯à€Ÿà€ž à€ªà¥à€°à€Ÿà€ªà¥à€€à€¹à¥‹à€£à€Ÿà€°à¥‡ à€Šà€žà¥à€€à€à€µà€œ à€Šà€Ÿà€–à€µà€Ÿ}  # Updated 19-Sep-2006 by shubha 
    533549_textreadingdocs_ [l=mr] {à€Šà€žà¥à€€à€à€µà€œ à€•à€žà¥‡ à€µà€Ÿà€šà€Ÿà€¯à€šà¥‡}  # Updated 15-Sep-2006 by shubha 
    535 # -- Missing translation: _texthelpreadingdocs_ 
     551_texthelpreadingdocs_ [l=mr] {<p>You can tell when you have arrived at an individual book or document 
     552because its title, or a photograph of the front cover, appears at the top 
     553left of the page. In some collections this is accompanied by a table of 
     554contents, while others contain just the number of the current page along 
     555with a box that allows you to select a new page and go forward and 
     556backward. In the table of contents, the current section heading is in bold 
     557face, and the table is expandable -- click on the folders to open or close 
     558them; click on the open book at the top to close it.</p> 
     560<p>Underneath is the text of the current section. When you have read 
     561through it, there are arrows at the bottom to take you on to the next 
     562section or back to the previous one.</p> 
     564<p>Below the title or front-cover photograph are some buttons. Click on 
     565<i>_document:textEXPANDTEXT_</i> to expand out the whole text of the current section, or 
     566book. If the document is large, this could take a long time and use a lot 
     567of memory! Click on <i>_document:textEXPANDCONTENTS_</i> to expand out the whole table of 
     568contents so that you can see the titles of all chapters and 
     569subsections. Click on <i>_document:textDETACH_</i> to make a new browser window for this 
     570document. (This is useful if you want to compare documents, or read two at 
     571once.) Finally, when you do a search the words you search for are 
     572highlighted. Click on <i>_document:textNOHIGHLIGHT_</i> to remove highlighting.</p> 
     573}  # Updated 27-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    537575# help about the icons 
    550588_texthelpsearchingtitle_ [l=mr] {à€†à€µà€¶à¥à€¯à€• à€žà€‚à€žà€Ÿ à€•à€¶à€Ÿ à€¬à€˜à€Ÿà€µà¥à€¯à€Ÿà€€}  # Updated 18-Sep-2006 by shubha 
    552 # -- Missing translation: _texthelpsearching_ 
     590_texthelpsearching_ [l=mr] {<p> 
     591  From the search page, you make a query in these simple steps:<p> 
     593  <ol><li>Specify what items you want to search 
     594      <li>Say whether you want to search for all or just some of the words 
     595      <li>Type in the words you want to search for 
     596      <li>Click the <i>Begin Search</i> button 
     597  </ol> 
     599<p>When you make a query, the titles of twenty matching documents will be shown. 
     600There is a button at the end to take you on to the next twenty documents.  From 
     601there you will find buttons to take you on to the third twenty or back to the 
     602first twenty, and so on.  Click the title of any document, or the little button 
     603beside it, to see it. 
     605<p>A maximum of 100 is imposed on the number of 
     606  documents returned.  You can change this number by clicking the 
     607  <i>_Global:linktextPREFERENCES_</i> button at the top of the page.<p> 
     608}  # Updated 27-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    554610_texthelpquerytermstitle_ [l=mr] {à€¶à€¬à¥à€Š à€¶à¥‹à€§à€Ÿ}  # Updated 20-Sep-2006 by shubha 
    556612à€žà€€à€Ÿà€€.à€µà€¿à€°à€Ÿà€®à€šà€¿à€šà¥à€¹à€Ÿà€‚à€šà€Ÿ à€‰à€ªà€¯à¥‹à€— à€•à¥‡à€²à¥à€¯à€Ÿà€ž à€Šà€žà¥à€€à€à€µà€œà€Ÿà€šà€Ÿ à€¶à¥‹à€§ à€˜à¥‡à€€à€Ÿ à€¯à¥‡à€€ à€šà€Ÿà€¹à¥€.}  # Updated 20-Sep-2006 by shubha 
    558 # -- Missing translation: _texthelpmgppsearching_ 
    560 # -- Missing translation: _texthelplucenesearching_ 
     614_texthelpmgppsearching_ [l=mr] {For collections built with MGPP a few other options are available.  
     617<li>A <b>*</b> at the end of a query term  matches all words <b>starting with</b> that word, e.g. <b>comput*</b> matches all words starting with <b>comput</b>. 
     618<li><b>/x</b> can be used to give higher weight to one or more of the query terms, eg <b>computer/10 science</b> gives computer 10 times more weight than science when ranking documents. 
     620}  # Updated 27-Nov-2006 by shubha 
     622_texthelplucenesearching_ [l=mr] {Lucene à€¯à€Ÿà€®à€§à¥à€¯à¥‡ à€žà€‚à€—à¥à€°à€¹  à€€à€¯à€Ÿà€° à€•à€°à€£à¥à€¯à€Ÿà€žà€Ÿà€ à¥€ à€•à€Ÿà€¹à¥€ à€‘à€ªà¥à€¶à€šà€žà¥ à€†à€¹à¥‡à€€. 
     624<li><b>?</b> à€à€•à€Ÿ à€ 
     625à€•à¥à€·à€°à€Ÿà€à€µà€œà¥€ à€µà€Ÿà€ˆà€²à¥à€¡à€•à€Ÿà€°à¥à€¡ à€µà€Ÿà€ªà€°à€Ÿ. à€‰à€Šà€Ÿà€¹à€°à€£à€Ÿà€°à¥à€¥, <b>b?t</b> à€¯à€Ÿà€ž à€œà¥à€³à¥‡à€² <b>bet</b>, <b>bit</b> and <b>bat</b> etc. 
     626<li><b>*</b> à€ 
     627à€šà¥‡à€• à€ 
     628à€•à¥à€·à€°à€Ÿà€à€µà€œà¥€ à€µà€Ÿà€ˆà€²à¥à€¡à€•à€Ÿà€°à¥à€¡ à€µà€Ÿà€ªà€°à€Ÿ. à€‰à€Šà€Ÿà€¹à€°à€£à€Ÿà€°à¥à€¥ <b>comput*</b> <b>comput</b>.à€žà¥à€°à¥‚à€µà€Ÿà€€ à€ 
     629à€žà€²à¥‡à€²à¥à€¯à€Ÿ à€žà€°à¥à€µ à€¶à€¬à¥à€Šà€Ÿà€‚à€šà€Ÿ à€œà¥à€³à¥‡à€². 
     631à€¹à¥€ à€Šà¥‹à€šà¥à€¹à¥€ à€µà€Ÿà€ˆà€²à¥à€¡à€•à€Ÿà€°à¥à€¡ à€žà€‚à€œà¥à€žà¥‡à€šà¥à€¯à€Ÿ à€®à€§à¥à€¯à€­à€Ÿà€—à¥€ à€µà€Ÿà€ªà€°à€Ÿ, à€•à€¿à€‚à€µà€Ÿ à€¶à¥‡à€µà€Ÿà¥€. à€ªà€£ à€žà€‚à€œà¥à€žà¥‡à€šà¥à€¯à€Ÿ à€žà¥à€°à¥‚à€µà€Ÿà€€à¥€à€²à€Ÿ à€¹à¥€ à€µà€Ÿà€ªà€°à¥‚ à€šà€¯à¥‡à€€.}  # Updated 27-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    562633_texthelpquerytypetitle_ [l=mr] {à€šà¥Œà€•à€¶à¥€}  # Updated 19-Sep-2006 by shubha 
    563 # -- Missing translation: _texthelpquerytype_ 
    565 # -- Missing translation: _texthelpadvancedsearchtitle_ 
     634_texthelpquerytype_ [l=mr] {<p>à€¯à¥‡à€¥à¥‡ à€Šà¥‹à€š à€­à€¿à€šà¥à€š à€ªà¥à€°à€•à€Ÿà€°à€šà¥à€¯à€Ÿ à€¶à€‚à€•à€Ÿ à€†à€¹à¥‡à€€. 
     637  <li>à€¶à€‚à€•à€Ÿ <b>à€žà€°à¥à€µ</b> à€šà¥‡ à€¶à€¬à¥à€Šà€Ÿà€‚à€•à€°à¥€à€€à€Ÿ.  à€¹à¥‡ à€ªà¥à€°à€²à¥‡à€–à€Ÿà€šà¥‡ à€šà€Ÿà€µ,à€•à€¿à€‚à€µà€Ÿ à€šà¥ 
     638à€ªà¥à€Ÿà€°à€šà¥‡ à€šà€Ÿà€µ à€¯à€Ÿ à€®à€§à¥à€¯à¥‡ à€€à¥à€®à¥à€¹à¥€ à€šà€¿à€¶à¥à€šà€¿à€€ à€•à¥‡à€²à¥‡à€²à¥‡ à€žà€°à¥à€µ à€¶à€¬à¥à€Š      à€¯à€Ÿ à€ªà¥à€°à€²à¥‡à€–à€Ÿà€µà€°à¥€à€² à€¶à€‚à€•à€Ÿ à€Šà€¿à€žà€€à¥‡. 
     641  <li>à€¶à€‚à€•à€Ÿ <b>à€•à€Ÿà€¹à¥€</b> à€šà¥‡ à€¶à€¬à¥à€Šà€Ÿà€‚à€•à€°à¥€à€€à€Ÿ.  à€€à¥à€®à¥à€¹à¥€ à€ªà€¹à€Ÿà€€ à€ 
     642à€žà€²à¥‡à€²à¥‡ à€•à€Ÿà€¹à¥€ à€¶à€¬à¥à€Š à€œà¥‡ à€ªà¥à€°à€²à¥‡à€–à€Ÿà€€ à€žà€®à€Ÿà€µà€¿à€·à¥à€Ÿ à€†à€¹à¥‡à€€.  à€ªà¥à€°à€²à¥‡à€– 
     643      à€žà€œà¥à€žà€Ÿ à€œà€¶à€Ÿ à€œà¥à€³à€²à¥à€¯à€Ÿ à€€à¥à€¯à€Ÿà€ªà¥à€°à€®à€Ÿà€£à¥‡ à€Šà€Ÿà€–à€µà€€ à€†à€¹à¥‡.   
     644      <p><ul> 
     645        <li> the more search term occurrences a document contains, the closer it matches; 
     646        <li> terms which are rare in the collection as a whole are more important than common ones; 
     647        <li> short documents match better than long ones. 
     648      </ul> 
     651<p>Use as many search terms as you like--a whole sentence, or even a 
     652whole paragraph.  If you specify only 
     653one term, documents will be ordered by its frequency of occurrence.<p> 
     654}  # Updated 27-Nov-2006 by shubha 
     656_texthelpadvancedsearchtitle_ [l=mr] {_१_ à€¯à€Ÿ à€¶à¥‹à€§ à€‡à€‚à€œà€¿à€šà€Ÿà€šà€Ÿ à€‰à€ªà€¯à¥‹à€— à€•à€°à¥‚à€š à€žà¥à€§à€Ÿà€°à¥€à€€ à€¶à¥‹à€§ à€˜à¥à€¯à€Ÿ}  # Updated 27-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    567658_texthelpadvancedsearch_ [l=mr] {à€œà€° à€€à¥à€®à¥à€¹à¥€ à€žà¥à€§à€Ÿà€°à¥€à€€ à€ªà€§à¥à€Šà€€à¥€à€šà¥€ à€šà€¿à€µà€¡ à€•à¥‡à€²à¥€ à€€à€° à€¶à¥‹à€§ à€ªà€§à¥à€Šà€€à¥€à€€ à€¥à¥‹à€¡à€Ÿà€žà€Ÿ à€¬à€Šà€² à€Šà€¿à€žà¥‚à€š à€¯à¥‡à€€à¥‹.}  # Updated 27-Oct-2006 by shubha 
    570661à€‚à€• à€µ à€¬à¥à€²à€¿à€¯à€š ....}  # Updated 27-Oct-2006 by shubha 
    572 # -- Missing translation: _texthelpbooleansearch_ 
    574 # -- Missing translation: _texthelpadvsearchmgpp_ 
     663_texthelpbooleansearch_ [l=mr] {A <b>boolean</b> search allows you to combine terms 
     664using & (for "and"), | (for "or"), and ! (for "not"), using parentheses for grouping if desired. The default operator is | (for "or"). 
     666For example, <b>snail & farming</b> will match documents which contain both <b>snail</b> AND <b>farming</b>, whereas <b>snail | farming</b> will match documents that contain either <b>snail</b> OR <b>farming</b>. 
     667<b>snail !farming</b> will match documents that contain <b>snail</b> AND DO NOT contain <b>farming</b>. 
     669More precise queries can be specified using combinations of operators and parentheses. For example, <b>(sheep | cattle) & (farm | station)</b>, or <b>sheep | cattle | goat !pig</b>. 
     670}  # Updated 27-Nov-2006 by shubha 
     672_texthelpadvsearchmgpp_ [l=mr] {Advanced searches in MGPP collections use boolean operators. _texthelpbooleansearch_ 
     673<p>The results can be displayed in <b>ranked</b> order, as described for the <b>some</b> search in <a href="\#query-type">_texthelpquerytypetitle_</a>, or in "natural" (or "build") order. This is the order that documents were processed during the creation of the collection. 
     675Further operators include <b>NEARx</b> and <b>WITHINx</b>. 
     676NEARx is used to specify the maximum distance apart (x words) two query 
     677terms must be for a document to match.  
     678WITHINx specifies that the second term must occur within x words <i>after</i> the first term. This is similar to NEAR but the order is important. The default distance is 20. 
     679}  # Updated 27-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    576681_texthelpadvancedsearchextra_ [l=mr] {à€žà¥‚à€šà€šà€Ÿ à€žà¥‹à€ªà¥à€¯à€Ÿ à€­à€Ÿà€·à¥‡à€€ à€¶à¥‹à€§ à€˜à¥‡à€€à€²à€Ÿ à€€à€° à€¶à€¬à¥à€Šà€Ÿà€‚à€šà€Ÿ à€¶à¥‡à€µà€Ÿà€šà€Ÿ à€­à€Ÿà€— à€Šà¥à€°à¥à€²à€•à¥à€·à€¿à€€ à€•à€°à€Ÿ}  # Updated 20-Sep-2006 by shubha 
    582687_texthelpformsearch_ [l=mr] {à€¯à€Ÿà€Šà¥à€µà€Ÿà€°à¥‡ à€¶à¥‹à€§ à€•à€°à€€à€Ÿà€šà€Ÿ à€µà€¿à€µà€¿à€§ à€ªà€§à¥à€Šà€€à¥€à€Šà¥à€µà€Ÿà€°à¥‡ à€¶à¥‹à€§ à€•à€°à€€à€Ÿ à€¯à¥‡à€€à¥‹,à€‰à€Šà€Ÿà€¹à€°à€£à€Ÿà€°à¥à€¥ à€Šà€žà¥à€€à€à€µà€œà€Ÿà€šà¥à€¯à€Ÿ à€šà€Ÿà€µà€Ÿà€€ à€žà¥à€®à€¿à€¥  à€†à€£à€¿ à€žà¥à€šà¥‡à€² à€«à€Ÿà€°à¥à€®à€¿à€‚à€— à€¹ à€€à¥à€¯à€Ÿ à€µà€¿à€·à€¯à€Ÿà€€ à€†à€¹à¥‡.à€žà€Ÿà€§à¥à€¯à€Ÿ à€¶à¥‹à€§ à€ªà€§à¥à€Šà€€à¥€à€®à€§à¥à€¯à¥‡ à€ªà¥à€°à€€à¥à€¯à¥‡à€• à€“à€³à¥€ à€¯à€Ÿ à€žà¥à€µà€€à€‚à€€à¥à€° à€žà€‚à€œà¥à€žà€Ÿ à€®à¥à€¹à€£à¥‚à€š à€¶à¥‹à€§ à€•à¥‡à€²à€Ÿ à€œà€Ÿà€ˆà€²,à€¯à€Ÿ à€®à€§à¥à€¯à¥‡ à€†à€£à€¿ à€¹à¥€ à€žà€‚à€œà¥à€žà€Ÿ à€‰à€ªà€¯à¥à€•à¥à€€ à€ à€°à¥‡à€².à€ªà€£ à€µà€¿à€·à¥‡à€¶ à€¶à¥‹à€§ à€ªà€§à¥à€Šà€€à¥€à€®à€§à¥à€¯à¥‡ à€€à¥à€®à¥à€¹à€Ÿà€‚à€²à€Ÿ à€ à€°à€Ÿà€µà€¿à€• à€žà€‚à€œà¥à€žà€Ÿ à€¶à¥‹à€§à€€à€Ÿà€šà€Ÿ à€†à€£à€¿ à€•à€¿à€‚à€µà€Ÿ à€šà€Ÿà€¹à¥€ à€¯à€Ÿ à€µà€¿à€¶à€¿à€·à¥à€Ÿ à€žà€‚à€œà¥à€žà€Ÿà€‚à€šà€Ÿà€µà€Ÿà€ªà€° à€•à€°à€Ÿà€µà€Ÿ à€²à€Ÿà€—à¥‡à€².à€µà€¬à¥à€²à€¿à€¯à€šà€šà€Ÿ à€µà€Ÿà€ªà€° à€•à€°à€€à€Ÿ à€¯à¥‡à€ˆà€².}  # Updated 27-Oct-2006 by shubha 
    584 # -- Missing translation: _texthelpformstemming_ 
     689_texthelpformstemming_ [l=mr] {The "fold" and "stem" boxes allow you to specify whether the terms inside that field are casefolded or stemmed. These are both switched off by default for advanced form searching}  # Updated 27-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    586691_textdatesearch_ [l=mr] {à€€à€Ÿà€°à€–à€Ÿà€‚à€ªà¥à€°à€®à€Ÿà€£à¥‡ à€¶à¥‹à€§à€Ÿ}  # Updated 27-Oct-2006 by shubha 
    588 # -- Missing translation: _texthelpdatesearch_ 
     693_texthelpdatesearch_ [l=mr] {Date search lets you find documents that, as well as matching your search  
     694terms, are about events within a certain timeframe.  You can search for  
     695documents from a certain year or from a range of years.  Note that you do not  
     696have to have any search terms -- you can search by date alone; and also that  
     697you do not have to use dates in your search, if you do not type any dates in it 
     698 is just the same as if the date search didn't exist.<p> 
     699}  # Updated 27-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    590701_texthelpdatehowtotitle_ [l=mr] {à€¯à€Ÿà€šà€Ÿ à€‰à€ªà€¯à¥‹à€— à€•à€žà€Ÿ à€•à€°à€Ÿà€µà€Ÿ}  # Updated 27-Oct-2006 by shubha 
    591 # -- Missing translation: _texthelpdatehowto_ 
     702_texthelpdatehowto_ [l=mr] {<ul> 
     703   <li>To search for documents about a single year:<p> 
     704   <ul> 
     705       <li>Type in any ordinary search terms as you normally would. 
     706       <li>Type the year you want into the "Start (or only) date" box. 
     707       <li>If your date is from before the common era (also known as before  
     708           Christ), choose the "B.C.E" option from the pulldown menu next to that 
     709           box. 
     710       <li>Begin your search as you ordinarily would. 
     711   </ul> 
     712<p><li>To search for documents about a time period or range of years:<p> 
     713   <ul> 
     714       <li>Type in any ordinary search terms as you normally would. 
     715       <li>Type the earlier date into the "Start (or only) date" box. 
     716       <li>Type the later date into the "End date" box. 
     717       <li>Select "B.C.E" option from the pulldown menu next to any date from before  
     718           the common era (also known as before Christ). 
     719       <li>Begin your search as you ordinarily would. 
     720   </ul>     
     722}  # Updated 27-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    593724_texthelpdateresultstitle_ [l=mr] {à€¯à€Ÿ à€µà€¿à€­à€Ÿà€—à€Ÿà€€à¥€à€² à€®à€Ÿà€¹à€¿à€€à¥€ à€¶à¥‹à€§à€£à¥à€¯à€Ÿà€šà¥‡ à€®à€Ÿà€°à¥à€—}  # Updated 18-Sep-2006 by shubha 
    594 # -- Missing translation: _texthelpdateresults_ 
     725_texthelpdateresults_ [l=mr] {Generally speaking a search for documents about the year 1903 will not return documents that, say, reference books written in 1903, just documents about 1903.  However, the way that the documents' dates are found, it will return documents that have a date range (for example 1899-1911) that includes 1903, and also those documents which, as part of their text name the century that 1903 is a part of (for example 20th century or twentieth century).  This means that for some documents, the dates in your search will not actually appear in the document text.  For a range search, all of this applies to every date in the range.<p> 
     726}  # Updated 27-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    596728_textchangeprefs_ [l=mr] {à€ªà¥à€°à€Ÿà€§à€Ÿà€šà¥à€¯ à€¬à€Šà€²à€Ÿ}  # Updated 27-Oct-2006 by shubha 
    598 # -- Missing translation: _texthelppreferences_ 
     730_texthelppreferences_ [l=mr] {à€œà¥‡à€µà¥à€¹à€Ÿ à€€à¥à€®à€šà¥à€¯à€Ÿ à€ªà€Ÿà€šà€Ÿà€µà€°à¥€à€² à€žà€°à¥à€µà€Ÿà€€ à€µà€°à€šà¥‡ à€€à¥à€®à¥à€¹à¥€ à€¹à¥‡ à€¬à€Ÿà€š <i>_Global:linktextPREFERENCES_</i> à€Šà€Ÿà€¬à€Ÿà€²,à€€à¥‡à€µà¥à€¹à€Ÿ à€€à¥à€®à¥à€¹à¥€ à€€à¥à€®à€šà¥à€¯à€Ÿ à€†à€µà€¶à¥à€¯à€•à¥à€€à¥‡à€šà¥à€žà€Ÿà€° à€‡à€‚à€Ÿà€°à€«à¥‡à€ž à€®à€§à¥€à€² à€˜à€Ÿà€•à€Ÿà€‚à€®à€§à¥à€¯à¥‡ à€¬à€Šà€² à€•à€°à¥‚ à€¶à€•à€Ÿà€².}  # Updated 27-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    600732_texthelpcollectionprefstitle_ [l=mr] {à€žà€‚à€—à¥à€°à€¹ à€ªà¥à€°à€Ÿà€§à€Ÿà€šà¥à€¯}  # Updated 23-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    601 # -- Missing translation: _texthelpcollectionprefs_ 
     733_texthelpcollectionprefs_ [l=mr] {à€à€•à€Ÿ à€žà€‚à€—à¥à€°à€¹à€Ÿà€®à€§à¥à€¯à¥‡ à€ 
     734à€šà¥‡à€• à€‰à€ªà€žà€‚à€—à¥à€°à€¹ à€†à€¹à¥‡à€€,à€œà¥‡ à€€à¥à€®à¥à€¹à¥€ à€žà¥à€µà€€à€‚à€€à¥à€°à€ªà€£à¥‡ à€•à€¿à€‚à€µà€Ÿ à€à€•à€€à¥à€° à€ªà€Ÿà€¹à¥‚ à€¶à€•à€€à€Ÿ.à€œà€° à€€à€žà¥‡ à€ªà€¹à€Ÿà€µà€¯à€Ÿà€šà¥‡ à€ 
     735à€žà€€à¥€à€² à€€à€° à€ªà¥à€°à€Ÿà€§à€Ÿà€šà¥à€¯ à€ªà€Ÿà€šà€Ÿà€µà€° à€‰à€ªà€žà€‚à€—à¥à€°à€¹à€Ÿà€šà¥€ à€šà€¿à€µà€¡ à€•à€°à€Ÿ}  # Updated 27-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    603737_texthelplanguageprefstitle_ [l=mr] {à€­à€Ÿà€·à¥‡à€šà€Ÿ à€ªà¥à€°à€Ÿà€§à€Ÿà€šà¥à€¯à€•à¥à€°à€®}  # Updated 14-Sep-2006 by shubha 
    612746_texthelpsearchprefs_ [l=mr] {à€¯à€Ÿ à€Šà¥à€µà€Ÿà€°à¥‡ à€€à¥à€®à¥à€¹à¥€ à€žà€–à¥‹à€² à€¶à¥‹à€§ à€•à€°à¥‚ à€¶à€•à€€à€Ÿ à€€à¥à€¯à€Ÿà€®à¥à€³à¥‡ à€†à€£à€¿ à€µ à€¯à€Ÿ à€žà€‚à€œà¥à€žà€Ÿà€‚à€Šà¥à€µà€Ÿà€°à¥‡ à€žà€–à¥‹à€² à€¶à¥‹à€§ à€˜à¥‡à€Š à€¶à€•à€€à€Ÿ.à€¯à€Ÿ à€®à¥à€³à¥‡ à€¯à¥‹à€—à¥à€¯ à€ à€°à€Ÿà€µà€¿à€• à€¶à¥‹à€§ à€•à€°à€€à€Ÿ à€¯à¥‡à€€à¥‹.}  # Updated 27-Oct-2006 by shubha 
    614 # -- Missing translation: _textcasefoldprefs_ 
     748_textcasefoldprefs_ [l=mr] {"_preferences:textignorecase_" à€¹à¥‡ à€¬à€Ÿà€š à€¶à¥‹à€§à€žà€‚à€œà¥à€žà€Ÿ à€à€•à€®à¥‡à€•à€Ÿà€‚à€ž à€œà¥à€³à€€à€Ÿà€€ à€•à€¿à€‚à€µà€Ÿ à€šà€Ÿà€¹à¥€à€¹à¥‡ à€ªà€Ÿà€¹à€€à¥‡. 
     749<i>snail farming</i> à€µ <i>SNAIL FARMING</i> à€ 
     750à€¶à€Ÿ à€µà€¿à€­à€¿à€šà¥à€š à€ªà¥à€°à€•à€Ÿà€°à¥‡ à€²à€¿à€¹à¥€à€²à¥‡à€²à¥à€¯à€Ÿ à€Šà¥‹à€šà¥à€¹à¥€ à€žà€‚à€œà¥à€žà€Ÿ à€¶à¥‹à€§ à€˜à¥‡à€€à€Ÿà€šà€Ÿ à€µà€¿à€šà€Ÿà€°à€Ÿà€€ à€˜à¥‡à€€à€²à¥à€¯à€Ÿ à€œà€Ÿà€€à€Ÿà€€.}  # Updated 27-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    615751_textstemprefs_ [l=mr] {à€¯à€Ÿ à€Šà¥‹à€š à€¬à€Ÿà€šà€Ÿà€‚à€Šà¥à€µà€°à¥‡à€žà€‚à€œà¥à€žà€Ÿ à€¶à¥‹à€§à€Ÿà€µà€° à€šà€¿à€¯à€‚à€€à¥à€°à€£ à€®à€¿à€³à€µà€¿à€€à€Ÿ à€¯à¥‡à€€à¥‡.}  # Updated 27-Oct-2006 by shubha 
    616 # -- Missing translation: _textaccentfoldprefs_ 
     752_textaccentfoldprefs_ [l=mr] {à€¯à€Ÿ à€¬à€Ÿà€šà€Ÿà€‚à€µà¥à€Šà€Ÿà€°à¥‡ à€¶à¥‹à€§ à€˜à¥‡à€€à€Ÿà€šà€Ÿ accented and unaccented à€¶à€¬à¥à€Š à€œà¥à€³à€²à¥‡ à€•à€¿à€‚à€µà€Ÿ à€šà€Ÿà€¹à¥€ à€€à¥‡ à€žà€®à€œà¥‚ à€¶à€•à€€à¥‡.à€‰à€Šà€Ÿà€ƒ if "_preferences:textignoreaccents_" is selected, <i>fédération</i> will be treated the same as <i>fedération</i> and <i>federation</i>.}  # Updated 27-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    618 # -- Missing translation: _textstemoptionsprefs_ 
     754_textstemoptionsprefs_ [l=mr] {"_texthelpquerytermstitle_".à€¯à€Ÿ à€®à€§à¥à€¯à¥‡ à€žà€Ÿà€‚à€—à€¿à€€à€²à¥‡à€²à¥€ à€¶à¥‹à€§à€ªà€§à¥à€Šà€€à¥€ à€¹à¥€ à€¯à¥‹à€—à¥à€¯ à€µ à€žà¥‹à€¯à¥€à€žà¥à€•à€° à€†à€¹à¥‡.}  # Updated 27-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    620756_textsearchtypeprefsplain_ [l=mr] {à€ªà¥à€°à€¶à¥à€° à€µà€¿à€šà€Ÿà€°à€£à¥à€¯à€Ÿà€žà€Ÿà€ à¥€ à€®à¥‹à€ à€Ÿ à€šà¥Œà€•à¥‹à€š à€®à€¿à€³à¥‚ à€¶à€•à€€à¥‹ à€•à€Ÿ,à€€à¥à€¯à€Ÿà€®à¥à€³à¥‡ à€œà€Ÿà€žà¥à€€ à€®à€Ÿà€¹à€¿à€€à¥€à€šà€Ÿ à€¶à¥‹à€§ à€²à€µà€•à€° à€˜à¥‡à€€à€Ÿ à€¯à¥‡à€ˆà€².à€¯à€Ÿà€®à¥à€³à¥‡ à€œà€Ÿà€žà¥à€€ à€®à€Ÿà€¹à€¿à€€à¥€à€žà€Ÿà€ à€Ÿ à€²à€µà€•à€° à€ªà¥à€°à€Ÿà€ªà¥à€€ à€¹à¥‹à€Š à€¶à€•à¥‡à€².}  # Updated 19-Sep-2006 by shubha 
    622758_textsearchtypeprefsform_ [l=mr] {à€€à¥à€®à¥à€¹à¥€ à€¹à¥‡ à€•à¥à€°à€®à€Ÿà€‚à€• à€¬à€Šà€²à¥‚ à€¶à€•à€€à€Ÿ.}  # Updated 19-Sep-2006 by shubha 
    624 # -- Missing translation: _textsearchtypeprefsboth_ 
    628 # -- Missing translation: _texttanumbrowseoptions_ 
     760_textsearchtypeprefsboth_ [l=mr] {You can switch the search type of the collection between "normal" search, and "fielded" search.  
     762<li>Normal search provides a single query box. _textsearchtypeprefsplain_</li> 
     763<li>Fielded search provides a number of query boxes, each querying a different field of the index. This enables searching over different fields at once. _textsearchtypeprefsform_ </li> 
     765}  # Updated 27-Nov-2006 by shubha 
     769_texttanumbrowseoptions_ [l=mr] {à€‚à€—à¥à€°à€¹à€Ÿà¥€à€² à€®à€Ÿà€¹à€¿à€€à¥€ à€µà€¿à€µà€¿à€§ à€ªà€§à¥à€Šà€€à¥€à€šà¥‡ à€¶à¥‹à€§à€€à€Ÿ à€¯à¥‡à€€à¥‡}  # Updated 27-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    630771_textsimplehelpheading_ [l=mr] {à€žà€‚à€—à¥à€°à€¹à€šà€Ÿà€µ à€žà€‚à€—à¥à€°à€¹ à€•à€žà€Ÿ à€¶à¥‹à€§à€Ÿà€µà€Ÿ}  # Updated 15-Sep-2006 by shubha 
  • trunk/gsdl/macros/

    r13317 r13443  
    2424### taken from here 
    26 # -- Missing translation: _textpoem_ 
    28 # -- Missing translation: _textgreenstone_ 
    30 # -- Missing translation: _textaboutgreenstone_ 
     26_textpoem_ [l=mr] {<br><h2>Kia papapounamu te moana</h2> 
     28<p>kia hora te marino, 
     29<br>kia tere te karohirohi, 
     30<br>kia papapounamu te moana 
     32<p>may peace and calmness surround you, 
     33<br>may you reside in the warmth of a summer's haze, 
     34<br>may the ocean of your travels be as smooth as the polished greenstone. 
     35}  # Updated 25-Nov-2006 by shubha 
     37_textgreenstone_ [l=mr] {<p>Greenstone is a semi-precious stone that (like this software) is sourced 
     38in New Zealand.  In traditional Maori society it was the most highly prized 
     39and sought after of all substances.  It can absorb and hold <i>wairua</i>, 
     40which is a spirit or life force, and is endowed with traditional virtues 
     41that make it an appropriate emblem for a public-domain digital library 
     42project.  Its lustre shows charity; its translucence, honesty; its 
     43toughness, courage; and the sharp edge it can take, justice.  The carved 
     44piece used in the Greenstone Digital Library Software logo is a <i>patu</i> 
     45or fighting club, and is a family heirloom of one of our project members. 
     46In hand-to-hand combat its delivery is very quick, very accurate, and very 
     47complete.  We like to think these qualities also apply to our software, the 
     48razor sharp edge of the <i>patu</i> symbolizing the leading edge of 
     50}  # Updated 24-Nov-2006 by shubha 
     52_textaboutgreenstone_ [l=mr] {à€—à¥à€°à¥€à€šà€žà¥à€Ÿà¥‹à€š à€¹à¥‡ à€žà¥‰à€«à¥à€Ÿà€µà¥‡à€ 
     53à€°à€µà¥à€Šà€Ÿà€°à¥‡ à€†à€¹à¥‡ à€•à¥€ à€œà¥à€¯à€Ÿ à€®à€§à¥à€¯à¥‡ à€€à¥à€®à¥à€¹à¥€ à€žà€‚à€—à¥à€°à€¹ à€€à€¯à€Ÿà€° à€•à€°à¥‚à€š à€µà€¿à€€à€°à¥€à€€ à€•à€°à¥‚ à€¶à€•à€€à€Ÿ.à€¯à€Ÿà€®à¥à€³à¥‡ à€®à€Ÿà€¹à€¿à€€à¥€à€šà¥€ à€šà€µà€¿à€š à€ªà¥à€°à€•à€Ÿà€°à¥‡ à€®à€Ÿà€‚à€¡à€£à¥€ à€•à€°à¥à€š à€€à¥€ à€‡à€‚à€Ÿà€°à€šà¥‡à€Ÿ à€•à€¿à€‚à€µà€Ÿ à€žà¥€à€¡à¥€à€°à¥‰à€® à€µà¥à€Šà€Ÿà€°à¥‡ à€ªà¥à€°à€°à¥à€Šà€¶à€¿à€€ à€•à€°à¥‚ à€¶à€•à€€à€Ÿ.à€¯à¥à€šà€¿à€°à¥à€µà¥à€¹à€žà€¿à€Ÿà¥€ à€‘à€« à€µà¥‰à€¯à€•à€Ÿà€€à¥‹ à€¯à¥‡à€¥à¥€à€² à€šà¥à€¯à¥‚à€à¥€à€²à€‚à€¡ à€¡à€¿à€œà¥€à€Ÿà€² à€²à€Ÿà€¯à€¬à¥à€°à€°à¥€ à€ªà¥à€°à¥‹à€œà¥‡à€•à¥à€Ÿ à€—à¥à€°à¥€à€šà€žà¥à€Ÿà¥‹à€š à€¹à¥‡ à€µà¥à€Šà€Ÿà€°à¥‡ à€ªà¥à€°à€žà€Ÿà€°à¥€à€€ à€•à¥‡à€²à¥‡ à€†à€¹à¥‡ 
     54à€†à€£à€¿ à€¯à¥à€šà¥‡à€žà¥à€•à¥‹à€šà¥à€¯à€Ÿ à€žà€¹à€Ÿà€¯à¥à€¯à€Ÿà€šà¥‡  à€€à¥‡ à€µà€¿à€€à€°à¥€à€€ à€•à¥‡à€²à¥‡ à€†à€¹à¥‡ 
     55<i></i> à€œà€šà€°à€² à€ªà€¬à¥à€²à€¿à€• à€²à€Ÿà€¯à€žà€šà¥à€žà€šà¥à€¯à€Ÿ à€ 
     57à€¹à¥à€¯à¥à€®à€š à€‡à€šà¥à€«à¥‹ à€à€šà€œà¥€à€“ à€¹à¥‡  à€“à€ªà€š à€žà¥‹à€°à¥à€ž à€žà¥‰à€«à¥à€Ÿà€µà¥‡à€ 
     58à€° à€‰à€ªà€²à€¬à¥à€§ à€†à€¹à¥‡ 
     59à€¯à€Ÿ à€žà¥‰à€«à¥à€Ÿà€µà¥‡à€ 
     60à€°à€šà€Ÿ à€¹à¥‡à€€à¥‚ à€ 
     61à€žà€Ÿ à€•à¥€ à€µà€¿à€Šà¥à€Šà€Ÿà€ªà¥€à€ à€Ÿà€€à¥€à€² à€µ à€žà€Ÿà€°à¥à€µà€œà€šà€¿à€• à€—à¥à€°à€‚à€¥à€Ÿà€²à€¯à€Ÿà€‚à€šà¥€ à€žà¥à€µà€€à€ƒ à€ 
     62à€‚à€•à€¿à€•à¥ƒà€€ à€—à¥à€°à€‚à€¥à€Ÿà€²à€¯à€Ÿà€šà€Ÿ à€žà€‚à€—à¥à€°à€¹ à€€à€¯à€Ÿà€° à€•à€°à€Ÿà€µà€Ÿ 
     63Digital libraries are radically 
     64reforming how information is disseminated and acquired in UNESCO's 
     65partner communities and institutions in the fields of education, 
     66science and culture around the world, and particularly in developing 
     67countries. We hope that this software will encourage the effective 
     68deployment of digital libraries to share information and place it in 
     69the public domain. 
     71<p>This software is developed and distributed as an international 
     72cooperative effort established in August 2000 among three parties. 
     76<a href=""><b>New Zealand Digital Library Project at the University of Waikato</b></a> 
     78Greenstone software grew out of this project, and this initiative 
     79has been endorsed by the Communication Sub-Commission of the New 
     80Zealand National Commission for UNESCO as part of New Zealand's 
     81contribution to UNESCO's programme. 
     85<a href=""><img alt="UNESCO logo" src="_httpimg_/unesco.gif" 
     87<a href=""><b>United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization</b></a> 
     89The dissemination of educational, scientific and cultural information 
     90throughout the world, and particularly its availability in developing 
     91countries, is central to UNESCO's goals as pursued within its 
     92intergovernmental Information for All Programme, and appropriate, 
     93accessible information and communication technology is seen as an important 
     94tool in this context. 
     98<a href=""><img alt="Human Info logo" src="_httpimg_/ghproj2.jpg" class="logo"></a> 
     99<a href=""><b>The Human Info NGO, based in Antwerp, Belgium</b></a> 
     101This project works with UN agencies and other NGOs, and has established 
     102a worldwide reputation for digitizing documentation of interest to 
     103human development and making it widely available, free of charge to 
     104developing nations and on a cost-recovery basis to others. 
     108}  # Updated 25-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    67145à€‚à€€à€°à¥à€—à€€ à€²à€¿à€‚à€• à€žà€Ÿà€ªà€¡à€€ à€šà€Ÿà€¹à¥€.}  # Updated 2-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    69 # -- Missing translation: _textextlinkcontent_ 
    71 # -- Missing translation: _textlinknotfoundcontent_ 
     147_textextlinkcontent_ [l=mr] {<h3>à€²à€¿à€‚à€• "_ग़_" à€žà€‚à€—à¥à€°à€¹</h3> 
     149 <p> à€€à¥à€®à¥à€¹à¥€ à€šà€¿à€µà€¡à€²à¥‡à€²à¥€ à€²à€¿à€‚à€• à€¹à¥€  "_à€žà€‚à€—à¥à€°à€¹ à€šà€Ÿà€µà€Ÿà€šà¥à€¯à€Ÿ_"à€¬à€Ÿà€¹à¥‡à€°à¥€à€² à€†à€¹à¥‡ 
     150     à€žà€‚à€—à¥à€°à€¹ (à€¹à¥€ à€²à€¿à€‚à€• "_ग़_"  à€žà€‚à€—à¥à€°à€¹). 
     151    à€œà€° à€€à¥à€®à¥à€¹à€Ÿà€‚à€²à€Ÿ à€¹à¥€ à€²à€¿à€‚à€•  à€žà€‚à€—à¥à€°à€¹ "_ग़_" à€®à€§à¥à€¯à¥‡ à€Šà€Ÿà€–à€µà€Ÿà€¯à€šà¥€ à€ 
     153     <a href="_httpdoc_&c=_१_&cl=_cgiargcl_&d=_३_">à€¯à€Ÿ à€ªà€Ÿà€šà€Ÿà€µà€°à¥‚à€š</a> à€ªà¥à€¢à¥‡ à€œà€Ÿ ;  
     154    à€•à€¿à€‚à€µà€Ÿ à€€à¥à€®à€šà¥à€¯à€Ÿ à€¬à¥à€°à€Ÿà€‰à€à€°à€µà€°à¥€à€² "à€®à€Ÿà€—à¥‡" à€¹à€¯à€Ÿ à€¬à€Ÿà€šà€Ÿà€µà¥à€Šà€Ÿà€°à¥‡ à€†à€§à¥€à€šà¥à€¯à€Ÿ à€ªà€Ÿà€šà€Ÿà€µà€° à€¯à€Ÿ 
     155 }  # Updated 25-Nov-2006 by shubha 
     157_textlinknotfoundcontent_ [l=mr] {à€†à€®à€šà¥à€¯à€Ÿ à€¬à€‚à€§à€šà€Ÿà€®à¥à€³à¥‡ à€€à¥à€®à¥à€¹à¥€ à€šà€¿à€µà€¡à€²à¥‡à€²à¥€ à€²à€¿à€‚à€• à€ªà€¹à€Ÿà€€à€Ÿ à€¯à¥‡à€£à€Ÿà€° à€šà€Ÿà€¹à¥€,à€•à€Ÿà€°à€£ à€žà¥‹à€°à¥à€ž à€žà€‚à€—à¥à€°à€¹à€Ÿà€€ à€šà¥‚à€• à€†à€¹à¥‡ 
     158 à€€à¥à€®à€šà¥à€¯à€Ÿ à€¬à¥à€°à€Ÿà€‰à€à€°à€µà€°à¥€à€² "à€®à€Ÿà€—à¥‡" à€¹à€¯à€Ÿ à€¬à€Ÿà€šà€Ÿà€µà¥à€Šà€Ÿà€°à¥‡ à€†à€§à¥€à€šà¥à€¯à€Ÿ à€ªà€Ÿà€šà€Ÿà€µà€° à€¯à€Ÿ.}  # Updated 25-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    73160# should have arguments of collection, collectionname and link 
    74 # -- Missing translation: _foundintcontent_ 
     161_foundintcontent_ [l=mr] {<h3>à€²à€¿à€‚à€• "_ग़_" à€žà€‚à€—à¥à€°à€¹</h3> 
     163 <p> à€€à¥à€®à¥à€¹à¥€ à€šà€¿à€µà€¡à€²à¥‡à€²à¥€ à€²à€¿à€‚à€• à€¹à¥€  "_à€žà€‚à€—à¥à€°à€¹ à€šà€Ÿà€µà€Ÿà€šà¥à€¯à€Ÿ_"à€¬à€Ÿà€¹à¥‡à€°à¥€à€² à€†à€¹à¥‡ 
     164     à€žà€‚à€—à¥à€°à€¹ (à€¹à¥€ à€²à€¿à€‚à€• "_ग़_"  à€žà€‚à€—à¥à€°à€¹). 
     165    à€œà€° à€€à¥à€®à¥à€¹à€Ÿà€‚à€²à€Ÿ à€¹à¥€ à€²à€¿à€‚à€•  à€žà€‚à€—à¥à€°à€¹ "_ग़_" à€®à€§à¥à€¯à¥‡ à€Šà€Ÿà€–à€µà€Ÿà€¯à€šà¥€ à€ 
     167     <a href="_httpdoc_&c=_१_&cl=_cgiargcl_&d=_३_">à€¯à€Ÿ à€ªà€Ÿà€šà€Ÿà€µà€°à¥‚à€š</a> à€ªà¥à€¢à¥‡ à€œà€Ÿ ;  
     168    à€•à€¿à€‚à€µà€Ÿ à€€à¥à€®à€šà¥à€¯à€Ÿ à€¬à¥à€°à€Ÿà€‰à€à€°à€µà€°à¥€à€² à€®à€Ÿà€—à¥‡ à€¹à€¯à€Ÿ à€¬à€Ÿà€šà€Ÿà€µà¥à€Šà€Ÿà€°à¥‡ à€†à€§à¥€à€šà¥à€¯à€Ÿ à€ªà€Ÿà€šà€Ÿà€µà€° à€¯à€Ÿ 
     169 }  # Updated 25-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    90185_textpassword_ [l=mr] {à€–à¥à€£à¥‡à€šà€Ÿ à€¶à€¬à¥à€Š}  # Updated 2-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    92 # -- Missing translation: _textmustbelongtogroup_ 
     187_textmustbelongtogroup_ [l=mr] {à€žà¥‚à€šà€šà€Ÿ  "_cgiargug_" à€€à¥à€®à¥à€¹à¥€ à€¯à€Ÿ à€—à€Ÿà€Ÿà€šà¥‡ à€ 
     188à€žà€²à¥à€¯à€Ÿà€žà€š à€¹à¥‡ à€ªà€Ÿà€š à€ªà€Ÿà€¹à¥‚ à€¶à€•à€€à€Ÿ}  # Updated 25-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    94190_textmessageinvalid_ [l=mr] {à€€à¥à€®à¥à€¹à€Ÿà€²à€Ÿ à€¹à€µà¥‡ à€ 
    139235_textbild_ [l=mr] {à€žà€‚à€—à¥à€°à€¹ à€•à€°à€Ÿ}  # Updated 31-Oct-2006 by shubha 
    140236_textbildsuc_ [l=mr] {à€žà€‚à€—à¥à€°à€¹ à€¯à€¶à€žà¥à€µà¥€à€°à€¿à€€à¥à€¯à€Ÿ à€¬à€Ÿà€‚à€§à€²à€Ÿ}  # Updated 2-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    141 # -- Missing translation: _textviewbildsummary_ 
     237_textviewbildsummary_ [l=mr] {You may <a href="_httppagex_(bsummary)" target=_top>view the build 
     238summary</a> of this collection for further details. 
     239}  # Updated 25-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    142240_textview_ [l=mr] {à€žà€‚à€—à¥à€°à€¹ à€Šà€Ÿà€–à€µà€Ÿ}  # Updated 2-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    159257_textseconds_ [l=mr] {à€Šà¥à€žà€°à¥‡}  # Updated 2-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    161 # -- Missing translation: _textfailmsg11_ 
     259_textfailmsg11_ [l=mr] {à€žà€‚à€—à¥à€°à€¹ à€€à€¯à€Ÿà€° à€•à€°à€€à€Ÿ à€¯à¥‡à€£à€Ÿà€° à€šà€Ÿà€¹à¥€.à€¯à€Ÿà€®à€§à¥à€¯à¥‡ à€®à€Ÿà€¹à€¿à€€à¥€à€šà€Ÿ à€žà€‚à€—à¥à€°à€¹ à€šà€Ÿà€¹à¥€.à€¯à€Ÿà€šà¥€ à€–à€Ÿà€€à¥à€°à¥€ à€•à€°à€Ÿ à€•à¥€ à€—à¥à€°à¥€à€šà€žà¥à€Ÿà¥‹à€šà€•à€Ÿà€® à€•à€°à¥‡à€² à€ 
     260à€¶à¥€ à€à€• à€€à€°à¥€ à€°à¥‚à€ªà€°à¥à€Šà€¶à€¿à€•à€Ÿ à€•à€¿à€‚à€µà€Ÿ à€«à€Ÿà€ˆà€² à€•à€¿à€‚à€µà€Ÿ à€ªà€Ÿà€š à€¯à€Ÿ à€®à€§à¥à€¯à¥‡ à€†à€¹à¥‡.}  # Updated 25-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    163262_textfailmsg21_ [l=mr] {à€žà€‚à€—à¥à€°à€¹ à€à€•à€€à¥à€° à€•à€°à€€à€Ÿ à€¯à¥‡à€£à€Ÿà€° à€šà€Ÿà€¹à¥€}  # Updated 31-Oct-2006 by shubha 
    170 # -- Missing translation: _textblcont_ 
     269_textblcont_ [l=mr] {à€¬à€¿à€²à¥à€¡ à€²à¥‰à€— à€®à€§à¥à€¯à¥‡ à€–à€Ÿà€²à¥€à€² à€®à€Ÿà€¹à¥€à€€à¥€ à€†à€¹à¥‡:}  # Updated 24-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    195294_textcreatingcollection_ [l=mr] {à€žà€‚à€—à¥à€°à€¹ à€€à€¯à€Ÿà€° à€•à€°à€Ÿ}  # Updated 31-Oct-2006 by shubha 
    197 # -- Missing translation: _textcollectorblurb_ 
     296_textcollectorblurb_ [l=mr] {<i>à€²à¥‡à€–à€šà¥€ à€¹à¥€ à€€à€²à€µà€Ÿà€°à¥€à€žà€Ÿà€°à€–à¥€ à€ 
     298 <br>à€¯à€Ÿ à€žà€‚à€—à¥à€°à€¹ à€¬à€Ÿà€‚à€§à€£à¥€à€²à€Ÿ à€†à€£à€¿à€µà€¿à€€à€°à€£à€Ÿà€²à€Ÿ à€€à¥à€®à¥à€¹à¥€ à€œà€¬à€Ÿà€¬à€Šà€Ÿà€° à€†à€¹à€Ÿà€€ 
     299à¥à€°à€€à¥€à€®à¥à€Šà¥à€°à€£ à€•à€Ÿà€¯à€Šà€Ÿ: à€¯à€Ÿ à€®à¥à€³à¥‡ à€€à¥à€®à¥à€¹à¥€ à€€à¥‡ à€ªà€Ÿà€¹à¥‚à€¶à€•à€²à€Ÿà€€ à€€à€°à¥€ à€€à¥‡ à€‡à€€à€°à€Ÿà€‚à€šà€Ÿ à€Šà¥‡à€£à¥à€¯à€Ÿà€šà¥€ à€†à€µà€¶à€•à¥à€€à€Ÿ à€šà€Ÿà€¹à¥€ 
     300 à€žà€Ÿà€®à€Ÿà€œà€¿à€• à€¬à€Ÿà€‚à€§à€¿à€²à€•à¥€ :  à€ªà¥à€°à€²à¥‡à€–à€œà¥à€¯à€Ÿ à€žà€®à€Ÿà€œà€Ÿà€€à¥‚à€š à€ªà¥à€°à€Ÿà€ªà¥à€€ à€à€Ÿà€²à¥‡ à€†à€¹à¥‡à€€ à€€à¥à€¯ à€žà€®à€Ÿà€œà€Ÿà€šà€Ÿ à€†à€Šà€° à€°à€Ÿà€–à€£à€°à¥‡ à€ 
     302 à€šà€¿à€€à¥€à€®à€€à¥à€€à€Ÿ:à€•à€Ÿà€¹à¥€ à€—à¥‹à€·à¥à€Ÿà¥€ à€¯à€Ÿ à€žà€—à€³à¥à€¯à€Ÿà€‚à€•à€°à¥€à€€à€Ÿ à€‰à€ªà€²à€¬à¥à€§ à€¹à¥‹à€‰ à€¶à€•à€€ à€šà€Ÿà€¹à¥€à€€ 
     303 <br>à€®à€Ÿà€¹à€¿à€€à¥€à€šà€Ÿ à€•à€Ÿà€³à€œà¥€à€ªà¥à€°à€µà€• à€µ à€¯à¥‹à€—à¥à€¯ à€µà€Ÿà€ªà€° à€•à€°à€Ÿ 
     304 </i>}  # Updated 25-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    199306_textcb1_ [l=mr] {à€žà€‚à€—à¥à€°à€Ÿà€¹à€• à€€à¥à€®à¥à€¹à€Ÿà€²à€Ÿ à€šà€µà€¿à€š à€®à€Ÿà€¹à€¿à€€à¥€ à€­à€°à€£à¥à€¯à€Ÿà€ž à€•à€¿à€‚à€µà€Ÿ à€•à€Ÿà€¢à¥‚à€š à€Ÿà€Ÿà€•à€£à¥à€¯à€Ÿà€ž à€•à€¿à€‚à€µà€Ÿ à€€à¥à€¯à€Ÿà€€ à€¬à€Šà€² à€•à€°à€£à¥à€¯à€Ÿà€ž à€®à€Šà€€ à€•à€°à¥‡à€²....}  # Updated 31-Oct-2006 by shubha 
    201308_textcb2_ [l=mr] {à€†à€§à¥€ à€šà€¿à€¶à¥à€šà€¿à€€ à€•à€°à€Ÿ,}  # Updated 1-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    202309_textcnc_ [l=mr] {à€šà€µà€¿à€š à€žà€‚à€—à¥à€°à€¹ à€€à€¯à€Ÿà€° à€•à€°à€Ÿ.}  # Updated 2-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    203 # -- Missing translation: _textwec_ 
     310_textwec_ [l=mr] {à€ 
     311à€žà¥à€€à€¿à€€à¥à€µà€Ÿà€€ à€ 
     312à€žà€²à¥‡à¥à€¯à€Ÿ à€®à€Ÿà€¹à€¿à€€à¥€à€®à€§à¥à€¯à¥‡ à€­à€° à€˜à€Ÿà€² à€•à€¿à€‚à€µà€Ÿ à€€à¥€ à€•à€Ÿà€¢à¥‚à€š à€Ÿà€Ÿà€•à€Ÿ.}  # Updated 25-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    205314_textcb3_ [l=mr] {à€ 
    217326_textetc_ [l=mr] {à€žà€‚à€—à¥à€°à€¹ à€•à¥‰à€šà¥à€«à€¿à€—à€°à¥‡à€¶à€š à€«à€Ÿà€ˆà€² à€à€¡à€¿à€Ÿ à€•à€°à¥‚à€š à€ªà¥à€šà¥à€¹à€Ÿ à€¬à€Ÿà€‚à€§à€Ÿ.}  # Updated 2-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    218327_textdtc_ [l=mr] {à€žà¥à€°à¥‚à€µà€Ÿà€€à¥€à€ªà€Ÿà€žà¥‚à€šà€šà€Ÿ à€žà€‚à€—à¥à€°à€¹ à€–à¥‹à€¡à€Ÿ}  # Updated 1-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    219 # -- Missing translation: _textetcfcd_ 
     328_textetcfcd_ [l=mr] {Export the collection for writing to a self-installing Windows CD-ROM}  # Updated 25-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    220329_textcaec_ [l=mr] {à€ 
    222331à€žà€²à¥‡à€²à€Ÿ à€žà€‚à€—à¥à€°à€¹ à€¬à€Šà€²à€Ÿ}  # Updated 31-Oct-2006 by shubha 
    223 # -- Missing translation: _textnwec_ 
     332_textnwec_ [l=mr] {à€¬à€Šà€² à€•à€°à€£à¥à€¯à€Ÿà€žà€Ÿà€ à¥€ à€žà€‚à€—à¥à€°à€¹ à€²à€¿à€¹à¥‚à€š à€ªà¥à¥à€°à¥à€£ à€à€Ÿà€²à¥‡à€²à€Ÿ à€•à¥‹à€£à€€à€Ÿà€¹à¥€ à€žà€‚à€—à¥à€°à€¹ à€šà€Ÿà€¹à¥€.}  # Updated 25-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    224333_textcianc_ [l=mr] {à€šà€µà€¿à€š à€žà€‚à€—à¥à€°à€¹ à€€à€¯à€Ÿà€° à€•à€°à€Ÿ}  # Updated 1-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    225334_texttsosn_ [l=mr] {à€šà€µà€¿à€š à€ 
    229338_textatco_ [l=mr] {à€•à¥‰à€šà€šà¥à€«à€¿à€—à€°à¥‡à€¶à€šà€šà¥‡ à€µà€¿à€­à€Ÿà€— à€šà€¿à€Ÿ à€•à€°à¥‚à€š à€˜à¥à€¯à€Ÿ.(à€†à€¡à€µà¥à€¹à€Ÿà€šà¥à€ž à€‰à€ªà€¯à¥‹à€œà€• à€«à€•à¥à€€)}  # Updated 2-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    230339_textbtc_ [l=mr] {à€žà€‚à€—à¥à€°à€¹ " à€€à€¯à€Ÿà€° " à€¹à¥‹à€€ à€†à€¹à¥‡,à€–à€Ÿà€²à¥€ à€ªà€¹à€Ÿ.}  # Updated 2-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    231 # -- Missing translation: _textpvyh_ 
     340_textpvyh_ [l=mr] {à€€à¥à€®à€šà¥‡ à€žà¥à€µà€€à€ƒà€šà¥‡ à€•à€Ÿà€® à€Šà€Ÿà€–à€µà€Ÿ.}  # Updated 25-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    233342_texttfsiw_ [l=mr] {à€šà¥Œà€¥à¥€ à€ªà€Ÿà€¯à€°à¥€ à€žà€‚à€—à€£à€• à€žà¥à€° à€•à€Ÿà€® à€•à€°à€€à¥‹ ..... à€ªà¥à€°à€¥à€® à€€à¥à€®à¥à€¹à¥€ à€®à€Ÿà€¹à€¿à€€à¥€ à€šà€¿à€¶à¥à€šà€¿à€€ à€•à¥‡à€²à¥€ à€ªà€Ÿà€¹à€¿à€œà¥‡,}  # Updated 24-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    248357_texttfc_ [l=mr] {à€žà€‚à€—à¥à€¹à€Ÿà€žà€Ÿà€ à¥€ à€šà€Ÿà€µà€ƒ}  # Updated 2-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    250 # -- Missing translation: _texttctiasp_ 
     359_texttctiasp_ [l=mr] {à€žà€‚à€—à¥à€°à€¹à€Ÿà€•à€°à¥€à€€à€Ÿ à€ 
     360à€žà€Ÿ  à€µà€Ÿà€•à¥à€ªà¥à€°à€šà€Ÿà€° à€µà€Ÿà€ªà€°à€Ÿ à€œà¥à€¯à€®à¥à€³à¥‡ à€ 
     361à€‚à€•à€¿à€•à¥ƒà€€ à€—à¥à€°à€‚à€¥à€Ÿà€²à€¯ à€žà€‚à€—à¥à€°à€¹à€Ÿà€€à¥€à€²  à€˜à€Ÿà€• à€“à€³à€–à¥‚ à€¶à€•à¥‡à€².  à€‰à€Šà€Ÿà€¹à€°à€£ 
     362 "à€•à€®à¥à€ªà¥à€¯à¥à€Ÿà€° à€žà€Ÿà€¯à€‚à€šà¥à€ž à€Ÿà¥‡à€•à¥à€šà€¿à€•à€² à€°à€¿à€ªà¥‹à€°à¥à€Ÿ" à€†à€£à€¿ "à€¹à¥à€¯à¥à€®à¥ 
     363à€šà€¿à€Ÿà¥€ à€¡à¥‡à€µà¥à€¹à€²à€ªà€®à¥‡à€‚à€Ÿ à€²à€Ÿà€¯à€¬à¥à€°à€°à¥€."}  # Updated 25-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    252365_textcea_ [l=mr] {à€žà€‚à€°à¥à€ªà€•à€ƒ à€ˆ-à€®à¥‡à€² à€ªà€€à¥à€€à€Ÿ}  # Updated 2-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    254 # -- Missing translation: _textteas_ 
     367_textteas_ [l=mr] {à€žà€‚à€—à¥à€°à€¹à€Ÿà€²à€Ÿ à€žà€‚à€°à¥à€ªà€• à€•à€°à€£à¥à€¯à€Ÿà€žà€Ÿà€ à¥€ à€¹à€Ÿ à€ˆ-à€®à¥‡à€² à€šà€¿à€¶à¥à€šà€¿à€€ à€•à€°à€Ÿ. 
     368à€œà€° à€—à¥à€°à¥€à€šà€žà¥à€Ÿà¥‹à€š à€žà¥‰à€«à¥à€Ÿà€µà¥‡à€ 
     369à€°à€²à€Ÿ à€¯à€Ÿ à€®à€§à¥à€¯à¥‡ à€šà¥‚à€• à€†à€¢à€³à€²à¥€ à€€à€°  
     370à€¯à€Ÿ à€ˆ-à€®à¥‡à€² à€µà€° à€žà€‚à€°à¥à€ªà€• à€•à€°à€Ÿ.  à€ˆ-à€®à¥‡à€² à€šà€Ÿ à€ªà€€à¥à€€à€Ÿ à€ªà¥à€°à¥à€£ à€²à€¿à€¹à€Ÿ: 
     371 <tt>à€šà€Ÿà€µ@à€¡à¥‹à€®à¥‡à€š</tt>.}  # Updated 25-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    256373_textatc_ [l=mr] {à€¯à€Ÿ à€žà€‚à€—à¥à€°à€¹à€Ÿà€µà€¿à€·à€¯à¥€}  # Updated 31-Oct-2006 by shubha 
    258 # -- Missing translation: _texttiasd_ 
     375_texttiasd_ [l=mr] {à€žà€‚à€—à¥à€°à€¹ à€œà¥‡à€µà¥à€¹à€Ÿ à€ªà¥à€°à€°à¥à€Šà€¶à€¿à€€ à€•à¥‡à€²à€Ÿ à€œà€Ÿà€ˆà€² à€€à¥‡à€µà¥à€¹à€Ÿ à€¹à¥‡ à€šà€¿à€µà¥‡à€Šà€š à€ªà¥à€°à€¥à€® à€Šà€¿à€žà¥‡à€².à€¯à€Ÿ à€šà€¿à€µà¥‡à€Šà€šà€Ÿà€µà¥à€Šà€Ÿà€°à¥‡ à€žà€‚à€—à¥à€°à€¹à€Ÿà€€ à€ 
     376à€žà€²à¥‡à€²à¥€ à€€à€€à¥à€µà¥‡ à€ªà¥à€°à€°à¥à€Šà€¶à€¿à€€ à€¹à¥‹à€€à¥€à€² }  # Updated 25-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    260378_textypits_ [l=mr] {à€¯à€Ÿà€ªà€Ÿà€žà¥‚à€š à€ªà¥à€¢à¥‡ à€œà€Ÿà€£à¥à€¯à€Ÿà€žà€Ÿà€ à¥€ "à€®à€Ÿà€¹à€¿à€€à¥€à€šà€Ÿ à€‰à€—à€®" à€¹à¥‡ à€¹à€¿à€°à€µà¥‡ à€¬à€Ÿà€£ à€Šà€Ÿà€¬à€Ÿ....}  # Updated 24-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    264382...}  # Updated 24-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    266 # -- Missing translation: _textymbyco_ 
     384_textymbyco_ [l=mr] {<p>à€€à¥à€®à¥à€¹à¥€ à€€à¥à€®à€šà€Ÿ à€žà€‚à€°à€¹ à€¯à¥‡à€¥à¥‡ à€ à¥‡à€µà€Ÿ  
     385 <ul> 
     386 <li>à€ 
     387à€šà¥‚à€• à€°à€šà€šà€Ÿ 
     388 <dl><dd>à€šà€µà€¿à€š à€žà€‚à€—à¥à€°à€¹à€Ÿà€€ à€à€šà€Ÿà¥€à€à€®à€à€² à€ªà¥à€°à€²à¥‡à€– (.htm, .html), à€žà€Ÿà€§à¥‡ 
     389 à€ªà¥à€°à€²à¥‡à€– (.txt, .text), à€à€®à€à€ž à€µà¥à€°à€¡ à€ªà¥à€°à€²à¥‡à€– (.doc), à€ªà¥€à€¡à¥€à€à€« à€ªà¥à€°à€²à¥‡à€–  (.pdf) or 
     390 "à€à€®-à€¬à¥‰à€•à¥à€ž" à€«à¥‰à€°à€®à¥ 
     391à€Ÿ à€ˆ-à€®à¥‡à€² à€ªà¥à€°à€²à¥‡à€–  (.mbx).</dd></dl> 
     392 <li>à€ 
     393à€žà¥à€€à€¿à€€à¥à€µà€Ÿà€€à¥€à€² à€žà€‚à€—à¥à€°à€¹ 
     394 <dl><dd>à€žà€‚à€—à¥à€°à€¹ à€œà¥à€¯à€Ÿ à€ªà¥à€°à€•à€Ÿà€°à¥‡ à€€à€¯à€Ÿà€° à€•à€°à€Ÿà€µà€¯à€Ÿà€šà€Ÿ à€†à€¹à¥‡ à€€à¥à€¯à€Ÿà€š à€ªà¥à€°à€•à€Ÿà€°à€šà¥à€¯à€Ÿ à€šà€µà€¿à€š à€«à€Ÿà€‡à€² à€ 
     395à€žà€£à¥‡ à€†à€µà€¶à¥à€¯à€• à€†à€¹à¥‡.</dd></dl> 
     396 </ul> 
     397 }  # Updated 25-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    268399_textbtco_ [l=mr] {à€žà€‚à€—à¥à€°à€¹à€Ÿà€šà€Ÿ à€ªà€Ÿà€¯à€Ÿ}  # Updated 1-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    306437_textcolerr_ [l=mr] {à€žà€‚à€—à¥à€°à€¹à€• à€šà¥‚à€•}  # Updated 1-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    308 # -- Missing translation: _texttmpfail_ 
     439_texttmpfail_ [l=mr] {à€žà€‚à€—à¥à€°à€¹à€• à€€à€Ÿà€€à¥à€ªà¥à€°à€€à¥à€¯à€Ÿ à€°à¥‚à€ªà€°à¥à€Šà€¶à€¿à€•à¥‡à€€à¥€à€² à€«à€Ÿà€‡à€² à€µà€Ÿà€šà¥‚ à€¶à€•à€€ à€šà€Ÿà€¹à¥€ .  
     441 <ul> 
     442 <li> à€—à¥à€°à¥€à€šà€žà¥à€Ÿà¥‹à€šà€²à€Ÿ à€²à€¿à€¹à¥€à€²à¥‡à€²à¥‡ _à€œà¥€à€à€žà€à€²à€¡à¥€ à€¹à¥‹à€®_/à€€à€Ÿà€€à¥à€ªà¥à€°à€€à¥€  
     443      à€°à¥‚à€ªà€Šà¥à€°à€¶à€¿à€•à€Ÿ à€µà€Ÿà€šà€£à¥à€¯à€Ÿà€šà¥€ à€ªà€°à€µà€Ÿà€šà€—à¥€ à€šà€Ÿà€¹à¥€. 
     444 </ul> 
     445}  # Updated 25-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    310447_textmkcolfail_ [l=mr] {à€—à¥à€°à¥€à€šà€žà¥à€Ÿà¥‹à€šà€²à€Ÿ à€¹à€¿ à€¡à€¿à€°à¥‡à€•à¥à€Ÿà€°à¥€ à€•à€°à€€à€Ÿ à€¯à¥‡à€£à€Ÿà€° à€šà€Ÿà€¹à¥€}  # Updated 31-Oct-2006 by shubha 
    314451_textrestart_ [l=mr] {à€žà€‚à€—à¥à€°à€¹à€• à€ªà¥à€šà¥à€¹à€Ÿ à€šà€Ÿà€²à¥‚ à€•à€°à€Ÿ.}  # Updated 2-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    316 # -- Missing translation: _textreloaderror_ 
    318 # -- Missing translation: _textexptsuc_ 
    320 # -- Missing translation: _textexptfail_ 
     453_textreloaderror_ [l=mr] {à€šà€µà€¿à€š à€žà€‚à€—à¥à€°à€¹ à€€à€¯à€Ÿà€° à€•à€°à€£à¥à€¯à€Ÿà€€ à€šà¥‚à€• à€¹à¥‹à€€ à€†à€¹à¥‡ ,à€ 
     454à€žà¥‡ à€¹à¥‹à€€ à€†à€¹à¥‡ à€•à€Ÿà€°à€£ 
     455à€€à¥à€®à€šà¥à€¯à€Ÿ à€¬à¥à€°à€Ÿà€‰à€à€° à€µà€°à¥€à€² à€€à¥à€®à¥à€¹à¥€ à€µà€Ÿà€ªà€°à€€ à€ 
     456à€žà€²à¥‡à€²à¥à€¯à€Ÿ à€°à€¿à€²à¥‹à€¡ à€µ à€¬à¥ 
     457à€• à€¬à€Ÿà€šà€®à¥à€³à¥‡ (à€•à¥ƒà€ªà€¯à€Ÿ à€žà€‚à€—à¥à€°à€¹à€• à€€à€¯à€Ÿà€° à€•à€°à€€ à€ 
     458à€žà€€à€Ÿà€šà€Ÿ à€¯à€Ÿ à€¬à€Ÿà€šà€Ÿà€‚à€šà€Ÿ à€‰à€ªà€¯à¥‹à€— à€•à€°à¥‚ à€šà€•à€Ÿ).  à€¯à€Ÿà€®à¥à€³à¥‡ à€€à¥à€®à¥à€¹à€Ÿà€²à€Ÿ à€žà€—à€³à€Ÿ  
     459 à€žà€‚à€—à¥à€°à€¹à€• à€ªà¥à€šà¥à€¹à€Ÿ à€žà¥à€°à¥‚à€µà€Ÿà€€à¥€à€ªà€Ÿà€žà¥‚à€š à€€à€¯à€Ÿà€° à€•à€°à€Ÿà€µà€Ÿ à€²à€Ÿà€—à¥‡à€²}  # Updated 25-Nov-2006 by shubha 
     461_textexptsuc_ [l=mr] {The _cgiargbc1dirname_ à€žà€‚à€—à¥à€°à€¹ à€¯à€¶à€žà¥à€µà¥€à€°à€¿à€€à¥à€¯à€Ÿ à€ªà€Ÿà€ à€µà€¿à€²à€Ÿ à€†à€¹à¥‡ 
     462 _à€œà¥€à€à€žà€à€²à€¡à¥€ à€¹à¥‹à€®_/à€€à€Ÿà€€à¥à€ªà¥à€°à€€à¥‡/à€ªà€Ÿà€ à€µà€¿à€²à¥‡\__cgiargbc१ à€Šà€°à¥à€¶à€¿à€•à€Ÿ à€šà€Ÿà€µ_ à€Šà€°à¥à€¶à€¿à€•à€Ÿ. 
     463 }  # Updated 25-Nov-2006 by shubha 
     465_textexptfail_ [l=mr] {<p>Failed to export the _cgiargbc1dirname_ collection. 
     467<p>This is likely to be because Greenstone was installed without the 
     468necessary components to support the "Export Collection" function. 
     471 <li>If you installed Greenstone from a CD-ROM these components won't have 
     472 been installed unless you selected them during a "Custom" install. 
     473 You may add them to your installation by re-running the installation  
     474 procedure. 
     476 <li>If you installed Greenstone from a web distribution you will need to 
     477 download and install an additional package to enable this function. Please 
     478 visit <a href=""></a> or 
     479 email <a 
     480 href=""></a> 
     481 for further details. 
     484}  # Updated 25-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    355 # -- Missing translation: _textgreenstone1_ 
    357 # -- Missing translation: _textgreenstone2_ 
    359 # -- Missing translation: _textplatformtitle_ 
    360 # -- Missing translation: _textgreenstone3_ 
     519_textgreenstone1_ [l=mr] {à€—à¥à€°à¥€à€šà€žà¥à€Ÿà¥‹à€š à€¹à¥‡ à€ 
     520à€žà¥‡ à€žà¥‰à€«à¥à€Ÿà€µà¥‡à€ 
     521à€° à€†à€¹à¥‡ à€•à¥€, à€œà¥à€¯à€Ÿ à€µà¥à€Šà€Ÿà€°à¥‡ à€ 
     522à€‚à€•à€¿à€•à¥ƒà€€ à€—à¥à€°à€‚à€¥à€Ÿà€²à€¯à€Ÿà€šà€Ÿ  
     523 à€žà€‚à€—à¥à€°à€¹ à€à€•à€€à¥à€° à€•à€°à¥‚à€š à€šà€µà€¿à€šà€žà€‚à€—à¥à€°à€¹ à€€à€¯à€Ÿà€° à€•à€€à€Ÿ à€¯à¥‡à€€à¥‹.  à€¯à€Ÿ à€µà¥à€Šà€Ÿà€°à¥‡ 
     524à€®à€Ÿà€¹à€¿à€€à¥€à€šà¥‡ à€ªà¥à€°à¥à€š à€µà¥à€¯à€µà€¥à¥à€žà€Ÿà€ªà€š à€•à€°à¥‚à€š à€µà¥‡à€¬ à€ªà€Ÿà€šà€Ÿà€µà€° à€€à¥à€¯à€Ÿà€šà¥‡ à€ªà¥à€°à€Šà¥à€°à€¶à€š à€•à€°à€€à€Ÿ à€¯à¥‡à€€à¥‡ 
     525à€¯à¥à€šà€¿à€µà¥à€¹à¥à€°à€žà€¿à€Ÿà¥€ à€‘à€« à€µà¥‰à€¯à€•à€Ÿà€€à¥‹ à€¯à¥‡à€¥à¥€à€² à€šà¥à€¯à¥‚à€à¥€à€²à€‚à€¡ à€¡à€¿à€œà¥€à€Ÿà€² à€²à€Ÿà€¯à€¬à¥à€°à€°à¥€ à€ªà¥à€°à¥‹à€œà¥‡à€•à¥à€Ÿ à€—à¥à€°à¥€à€šà€žà¥à€Ÿà¥‹à€š à€¹à¥‡ à€µà¥à€Šà€Ÿà€°à¥‡ à€ªà¥à€°à€žà€Ÿà€°à¥€à€€ à€•à¥‡à€²à¥‡ à€†à€¹à¥‡ 
     526à€†à€£à€¿ à€¯à¥à€šà¥‡à€žà¥à€•à¥‹à€šà¥à€¯à€Ÿ à€žà€¹à€Ÿà€¯à¥à€¯à€Ÿà€šà¥‡  à€€à¥‡ à€µà€¿à€€à€°à¥€à€€ à€•à¥‡à€²à¥‡ à€†à€¹à¥‡ 
     527 <i></i> à€œà€šà€°à€² à€ªà€¬à¥à€²à€¿à€• à€²à€Ÿà€¯à€žà€šà¥à€žà€šà€¯à€Ÿà€ 
     529.à€¹à¥à€¯à¥à€®à€š à€‡à€šà€«à¥‹ à€à€šà€œà¥€à€“ à€¹à¥‡  à€“à€ªà€š à€žà¥‹à€°à¥à€ž à€žà¥‰à€«à¥à€Ÿà€µà¥‡à€ 
     530à€° à€‰à€ªà€²à€¬à¥à€§ à€†à€¹à¥‡}  # Updated 24-Nov-2006 by shubha 
     532_textgreenstone2_ [l=mr] {à€šà¥à€¯à¥‚à€à¥€à€²à€‚à€¡ à€ 
     533à€‚à€•à¥€à€•à¥ƒà€€ à€—à¥à€°à€‚à€¥à€Ÿà€²à€¯à€Ÿà€šà¥€ à€µà¥‡à€¬ à€žà€Ÿà€ˆà€Ÿ  
     534(<ahref=""></a>) à€¯à€Ÿà€®à€§à¥à€¯à¥‡ à€ 
     535à€‚à€•à€¿à€¯ à€žà€‚à€—à¥à€°à€¹ à€†à€¹à¥‡, 
     536  à€œà¥‹ à€žà€‚à€°à¥à€ªà¥‚à€£ à€—à¥à€°à¥€à€šà€žà¥à€Ÿà¥‹à€šà€µà¥à€Šà€Ÿà€°à¥‡ à€žà€°à¥à€µà€Ÿà€‚à€žà€Ÿà€ à¥€ à€‰à€ªà€²à€¬à¥à€§ à€•à¥‡à€²à€Ÿ à€†à€¹à¥‡ 
     537  à€¯à€Ÿà€®à€§à¥à€¯à¥‡  à€ 
     538à€°à¥‡à€¬à€¿à€•, à€šà€Ÿà€¯à€šà¥€à€œ, à€«à¥à€°à¥‡à€‚à€š, à€®à¥Œà€°à¥€ à€†à€£à€¿ à€žà¥à€ªà¥‰à€šà€¿à€¶, à€€à¥à€¯à€Ÿà€š à€ªà¥à€°à€®à€Ÿà€£à¥‡ à€‡à€‚à€—à¥à€°à€œà¥€,à€‡. à€­à€Ÿà€·à€Ÿà€‚à€®à€§à¥à€¯à¥‡ à€¶à¥‹à€§ à€˜à¥‡à€Š à€¶à€•à€€à€Ÿ  
     539à€€à¥à€¯à€Ÿà€šà€ªà¥à€°à€®à€Ÿà€£à¥‡ à€€à¥‡à€¥à¥‡ à€žà€‚à€—à¥€à€€ à€žà€‚à€—à¥à€°à€¹ à€†à€¹à¥‡ 
     540 }  # Updated 24-Nov-2006 by shubha 
     542_textplatformtitle_ [l=mr] {à€ªà¥à€²à¥ 
     543à€Ÿà€«à¥‰à€®}  # Updated 24-Nov-2006 by shubha 
     544_textgreenstone3_ [l=mr] {Greenstone runs on Windows, Unix and Mac OS X. The distribution includes ready-to-use 
     545binaries for all versions of Windows, and for Linux and Mac OS X. It also includes 
     546complete source code for the system, which can be compiled using Microsoft 
     547C++ or gcc.  Greenstone works with associated software that is also freely 
     548available: the Apache Webserver and PERL. The user interface uses a Web 
     549browser: typically Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer. 
     550}  # Updated 25-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    362552_textgreenstone4_ [l=mr] {à€ 
    367557_textcustomisationtitle_ [l=mr] {à€žà€°à€Ÿà€µ}  # Updated 24-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    368 # -- Missing translation: _textgreenstone5_ 
     558_textgreenstone5_ [l=mr] {Greenstone is specifically designed to be highly extensible and 
     559customisable. New document and metadata formats are accommodated by writing 
     560"plugins" (in Perl). Analogously, new metadata browsing structures can be 
     561implemented by writing "classifiers." The user interface look-and-feel can 
     562be altered using "macros" written in a simple macro language. A Corba 
     563protocol allows agents (e.g. in Java) to use all the facilities associated 
     564with document collections. Finally, the source code, in C++ and Perl, is 
     565available and accessible for modification. 
     566}  # Updated 25-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    370568_textdocumentationtitle_ [l=mr] {à€Šà€žà¥à€€à€à€µà€œ}  # Updated 2-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    387585_textgs3title_ [l=mr] {à€¯à€Ÿ à€•à€Ÿà€®à€Ÿà€®à€§à¥à€¯à¥‡}  # Updated 2-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    388 # -- Missing translation: _textgs3_ 
     586_textgs3_ [l=mr] {à€—à¥à€°à¥€à€šà€žà¥à€Ÿà¥‹à€š ३ à€¹à¥‡ à€ªà¥à€°à¥à€£ à€¬à€Šà€²à€²à¥‡ à€†à€¹à¥‡ 
     587à€žà€§à¥à€¯à€Ÿ à€µà€Ÿà€ªà€°à€€ à€ 
     588à€žà€²à¥‡à€²à¥à€¯à€Ÿ à€—à¥à€°à¥€à€šà€žà¥à€Ÿà¥‹à€š ग़ à€ªà¥‡à€•à¥à€·à€Ÿ à€¹à¥‡ à€ 
     589à€Šà¥à€¯à€¯à€Ÿà€µà€€ à€•à¥‡à€²à¥‡à€²à¥‡ à€†à€¹à¥‡  (à€žà€§à¥à€¯à€Ÿà€šà¥‡ à€µà¥à€¹à€°à¥à€œà€š)--à€‰à€Šà€Ÿà€¹à€°à€£,  
     590à€¹à¥‡ à€¬à€¹à¥à€­à€Ÿà€·à€¿à€•, à€®à€²à¥à€Ÿà¥€à€ªà¥à€²à¥ 
     591à€Ÿà€«à¥‰à€®, à€†à€£à€¿ à€•à¥‰à€šà¥à€«à€¿à€—à€° à€•à¥‡à€²à¥‡à€²à¥‡ à€†à€¹à¥‡.à€žà€§à¥à€¯à€Ÿà€šà¥‡ à€µà¥à€¹à€°à¥à€œà€šà€®à€§à¥€à€² à€žà€°à¥à€µ  
     592à€˜à€Ÿà€• à€¯à€Ÿà€®à€§à¥à€¯à¥‡ à€†à€¹à¥‡à€€, à€†à€£à€¿ à€®à€Ÿà€—à¥€à€²   à€µà¥à€¹à€°à¥à€œà€š à€¹à¥‡ à€ªà¥‚à€°à€• à€†à€¹à¥‡ 
     593:à€®à¥à€¹à€£à€œà¥‡ à€¯à€Ÿà€®à€§à¥à€¯à¥‡ à€†à€§à¥€à€šà€Ÿ à€žà€‚à€—à¥à€°à€¹à€¬à€Šà€² à€š à€•à€°à€€à€Ÿ à€€à€žà€Ÿà€š à€°à€Ÿà€¹à€€à¥‹ à€µ à€€à¥à€¯à€Ÿà€šà€Ÿ à€‰à€ªà€¯à¥‹à€— à€•à€°à€€à€Ÿ à€¯à¥‡à€€à¥‹ 
     594 à€œà€Ÿà€µà€Ÿ à€¯à€Ÿ  à€ªà¥à€°à¥‹à€—à¥à€°à¥ 
     595à€® à€®à€§à¥à€¯à¥‡ à€²à€¿à€¹à€¿à€²à¥à€¯à€Ÿà€šà¥‡ à€¯à€Ÿà€šà¥€ à€°à€šà€šà€Ÿ à€šà¥‡à€Ÿà€µà¥à€°à€• à€žà€Ÿà€°à€–à¥€ à€ 
     597à€à€•à¥à€ž à€à€®à€à€² à€šà€Ÿ à€‰à€ªà€¯à¥‹à€— à€•à€°à¥‚à€š à€¯à€Ÿ à€®à¥‹à€¡à¥à€¯à¥‚à€² à€¶à¥€ à€žà€‚à€ªà¥à€°à€• à€•à€°à€€à€Ÿ à€¯à¥‡à€€à¥‹: à€€à€žà¥‡à€š 
     598 à€¹à¥‡ à€†à€µà€¶à¥à€¯à€•à¥à€€à¥‡à€šà¥à€žà€Ÿà€° à€µà€¿à€µà€¿à€§à€žà¥à€°à€µà¥à€¹à€° à€Šà€¿à€žà¥‚ à€¶à€•à€€à¥‡ 
     599à€—à¥à€°à€šà€žà¥à€Ÿà¥‹ ३ à€¹à¥‡ à€ 
     600à€Šà¥à€¯à€¯à€Ÿà€µà€€ à€ 
     601à€žà¥‚à€š à€€à¥‡ à€ªà¥à€°à€Ÿà€¯à¥‹à€—à€¿à€• à€€à¥‡à€žà€Ÿà€ à¥€  
     602 <a href="">Greenstone 3 home page</a>.à€¯à¥‡à€¥à¥‡à€‰à€ªà€²à€¬à¥à€§ à€†à€¹à¥‡}  # Updated 25-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    390604_textcreditstitle_ [l=mr] {à€œà€®à€Ÿ}  # Updated 24-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    392 # -- Missing translation: _textwhoswho_ 
     606_textwhoswho_ [l=mr] {The Greenstone software is a collaborative effort between many 
     607people. Rodger McNab and Stefan Boddie are the principal architects and 
     608implementors.  Contributions have been made by David Bainbridge, George 
     609Buchanan, Hong Chen, Michael Dewsnip, Katherine Don, Elke Duncker, Carl Gutwin, Geoff Holmes, Dana McKay, John 
     610McPherson, Craig Nevill-Manning, Dynal Patel, Gordon Paynter, Bernhard Pfahringer, Todd 
     611Reed, Bill Rogers, John Thompson, and Stuart Yeates. Other members of the New Zealand 
     612Digital Library project provided advice and inspiration in the design of 
     613the system: Mark Apperley, Sally Jo Cunningham, Matt Jones, Steve Jones, Te Taka 
     614Keegan, Michel Loots, Malika Mahoui, Gary Marsden, Dave Nichols and Lloyd Smith. We would also like to 
     615acknowledge all those who have contributed to the GNU-licensed packages 
     616included in this distribution: MG, GDBM, PDFTOHTML, PERL, WGET, WVWARE and XLHTML. 
     617}  # Updated 25-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    394619_textaboutgslong_ [l=mr] {à€—à¥à€°à¥€à€šà€žà¥à€Ÿà¥‹à€š à€ 
    542767_textconfigfiles_ [l=mr] {à€•à¥‰à€šà€«à€¿à€—à€°à¥‡à€¶à€š à€«à€Ÿà€ˆà€²à¥à€ž}  # Updated 1-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    543768_textlogs_ [l=mr] {à€²à¥‰à€—à¥à€œ}  # Updated 24-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    544 # -- Missing translation: _textusagelog_ 
    545 # -- Missing translation: _textinitlog_ 
     769_textusagelog_ [l=mr] {à€¯à¥à€à€° à€²à¥‰à€—}  # Updated 24-Nov-2006 by shubha 
     770_textinitlog_ [l=mr] {à€ˆà€šà€Ÿà¥€ à€²à¥‰à€—}  # Updated 25-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    546771_texterrorlog_ [l=mr] {à€šà¥‚à€•à€¿à€šà€Ÿ à€²à¥‰à€—}  # Updated 2-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    547772_textadminhome_ [l=mr] {à€ªà¥à€°à€¶à€Ÿà€žà€•à€¿à€¯ à€ªà€Ÿà€š}  # Updated 31-Oct-2006 by shubha 
    549774_titlewelcome_ [l=mr] {à€ªà¥à€°à€¶à€Ÿà€žà€•à€¿à€¯}  # Updated 2-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    550775_textmaas_ [l=mr] {à€žà€‚à€°à€•à¥à€·à€£ à€µà€ªà¥à€°à€¶à€Ÿà€žà€•à¥€à€¯  à€žà¥‡à€µà¥‡ à€žà€¹ à€‰à€ªà€²à€¬à¥à€§}  # Updated 24-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    551 # -- Missing translation: _textvol_ 
     776_textvol_ [l=mr] {à€‘à€š à€²à€Ÿà€ˆà€š à€µà€°à¥€à€² à€²à¥‰à€— à€Šà€Ÿà€–à€µà€Ÿ}  # Updated 25-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    552777_textcmuc_ [l=mr] {à€žà€‚à€—à¥à€°à€¹ à€€à€¯à€Ÿà€° à€•à€°à€Ÿ,à€°à€Ÿà€–à€Ÿ à€µ à€žà¥à€§à€Ÿà€°à¥€à€€ à€•à€°à€Ÿ}  # Updated 2-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    553778_textati_ [l=mr] {à€žà¥€à€œà¥€à€†à€¯ à€ªà¥à€°à€®à€Ÿà€£à¥‡ à€€à€Ÿà€‚à€€à¥à€°à€¿à€• à€®à€Ÿà€¹à€¿à€€à¥€ à€ªà€¹à€Ÿ}  # Updated 2-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    557782_textcolstat_ [l=mr] {à€žà€‚à€—à¥à€°à€¹à€Ÿà€šà¥€ à€ªà€€}  # Updated 2-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    559 # -- Missing translation: _textcwoa_ 
     784_textcwoa_ [l=mr] {à€žà€‚à€—à¥à€°à€Ÿà€šà¥€ à€¬à€¿à€²à¥à€¡. à€žà¥€à€à€«à€œà¥€ à€«à€Ÿà€ˆà€²  "à€šà€Ÿà€²à€µà€¿à€²à¥à€¯à€Ÿà€ž" à€žà€‚à€—à¥à€°à€¹ à€Šà€¿à€žà¥‚à€¶à€•à€€à¥‹ 
     785à€¹à¥€ à€«à€Ÿà€ˆà€² à€µà€Ÿà€šà€šà€¿à€¯ à€ 
     786à€žà€Ÿà€µà€¯à€Ÿà€ž à€¹à€µà¥€, à€žà€‚à€—à¥à€°à€¹ à€¬à€Ÿà€‚à€§à€£à¥€à€šà€Ÿ à€Šà€¿à€šà€Ÿà€‚à€• à€¯à¥‹à€—à¥à€¯ à€ 
     787à€žà€Ÿà€µà€Ÿ (i.e. > 0), 
     788à€µ à€žà€‚à€—à¥à€°à€¹à€Ÿà€²à€Ÿ à€ 
     789à€šà¥à€•à¥à€°à€® à€Šà¥à€°à€¶à€¿à€•à€Ÿ à€ 
     790à€žà€Ÿà€µà¥€  (à€®à¥à€¹à€£à€œà¥‡ à€¬à€Ÿà€‚à€§à€£à¥€à€šà¥€ à€Šà€°à¥à€¶à€¿à€•à€Ÿ  à€šà€Ÿà€¹à¥€).}  # Updated 24-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    561792_textcafi_ [l=mr] {à€žà€‚à€—à¥à€°à€¹à€Ÿà€€à¥€à€² à€®à€Ÿà€¹à€¿à€€à¥€à€žà€Ÿà€ à¥€ à€Šà€Ÿà€¬à€Ÿ}  # Updated 1-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    598829à€µà€˜à€¡ à€µà€Ÿà€Ÿà€€à¥‡ à€ 
    599830à€žà¥‡ à€¯à€Ÿ à€šà€¿à€µà¥‡à€Šà€šà€Ÿà€Šà¥à€µà€°à¥‡ à€žà¥‚à€šà€¿à€€ à€¹à¥‹à€€à¥‡}  # Updated 24-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    600 # -- Missing translation: _textextraforform_ 
     831_textextraforform_ [l=mr] {You do not have to fill out the form -- any information will help.}  # Updated 25-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    601832_textprivacybasic_ [l=mr] {à€¯à€Ÿ à€šà€¿à€µà¥‡à€Šà€šà€Ÿà€€ à€«à€•à¥à€€ à€—à¥à€°à¥€à€šà€žà¥à€Ÿà¥‹à€š à€µà¥‡à€¬ à€ªà¥‡à€œ à€¬à€Šà¥à€Šà€² à€µ à€€à¥à€®à¥à€¹à¥€ à€µà€Ÿà€ªà€°à€€ à€ 
    602833à€žà€²à¥‡à€²à¥à€¯à€Ÿ à€€à€‚à€€à¥à€°à€Ÿà€šà€Ÿà€¬à€Šà¥à€Šà€²  à€®à€Ÿà€¹à€¿à€€à¥€ à€†à€¹à¥‡}  # Updated 24-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    620851_texttrackreport_ [l=mr] {à€šà€¿à€µà¥‡à€Šà€š à€ªà€¹à€Ÿ}  # Updated 1-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    621852_textcharacterise_ [l=mr] {à€•à€Ÿà€¯ à€¶à€‚à€•à€Ÿ à€†à€¹à¥‡}  # Updated 2-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    622 # -- Missing translation: _textseverity_ 
     853_textseverity_ [l=mr] {à€•à€¿à€€à€Ÿ à€µà€Ÿà€ˆà€Ÿ à€ 
     854à€¡à€šà€£}  # Updated 25-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    624856_textbadrender_ [l=mr] {à€ 
    625857à€ªà€°à€¿à€šà€¿à€€ à€ªà€Ÿà€š}  # Updated 1-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    626858_textcontenterror_ [l=mr] {à€žà¥‚à€šà¥€à€ªà€€à¥à€° à€šà¥‚à€•}  # Updated 24-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    627 # -- Missing translation: _textstrangebehaviour_ 
     859_textstrangebehaviour_ [l=mr] {à€µà€¿à€šà€¿à€€à¥à€° à€µà€Ÿà€—à€£à¥‚à€•}  # Updated 24-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    628860_textunexpected_ [l=mr] {à€•à€Ÿà€¹à¥€à€€à€°à¥€ à€ 
    629861à€šà€ªà¥‡à€•à¥à€·à€¿à€€ à€à€Ÿà€²à¥‡}  # Updated 2-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    644876_textwhathappened_ [l=mr] {à€ªà¥à€°à€€à¥à€¯à€•à¥à€·à€Ÿà€€ à€•à€Ÿà€¯ à€à€Ÿà€²à¥‡.}  # Updated 2-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    646 # -- Missing translation: _cannotfindcgierror_ 
    648 # -- Missing translation: _textusabbanner_ 
     878_cannotfindcgierror_ [l=mr] {<h2>Sorry!</h2>Can\\'t find the server programs for the "_linktextusab_" button}  # Updated 24-Nov-2006 by shubha 
     880_textusabbanner_ [l=mr] {à€—à¥à€°à¥€à€šà€žà¥à€Ÿà¥‹à€š  koru-style banner}  # Updated 25-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    661893_textgtierror_ [l=mr] {à€šà¥‚à€•à¥€à€šà¥‡ à€†à€¹à¥‡.}  # Updated 1-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    663 # -- Missing translation: _textgtihome_ 
     895_textgtihome_ [l=mr] {à€¯à€Ÿà€ªà€Ÿà€šà€Ÿà€µà¥à€Šà€Ÿà€°à¥‡ à€€à¥à€®à¥à€¹à¥€ à€¬à€¹à¥à€­à€Ÿà€·à€Ÿ à€¯à€Ÿ à€˜à€Ÿà€•à€Ÿà€šà€Ÿ à€µà€Ÿà€ªà€° à€•à€°à¥‚ à€¶à€•à€€à€Ÿ,à€€à¥à€¯à€Ÿ à€µà¥à€Šà€Ÿà€°à¥‡ 
     896 <ul> 
     897   <li>à€—à¥à€°à¥€à€šà€žà¥à€Ÿà¥‹à€šà€šà¥‡ à€šà€µà€¿à€š à€­à€Ÿà€·à¥‡à€€ à€­à€Ÿà€·à€Ÿà€‚à€€à€° à€•à€°à€£à¥‡ 
     898   <li>à€žà€§à¥à€¯à€Ÿ à€‰à€ªà€¯à¥‹à€—à€Ÿà€€ à€ 
     899à€žà€²à¥‡à€²à¥€ à€­à€Ÿà€·à€Ÿ à€ 
     900à€Šà€¯à€¯à€Ÿà€µà€€ à€•à€°à€Ÿ, à¥‡à€µà¥à€¹à€Ÿ à€‡à€‚à€—à¥à€°à€œà¥€ à€­à€Ÿà€·à€Ÿ à€¬à€Šà€²à€£à€Ÿà€° à€†à€¹à¥‡ (à€‰à€Šà€Ÿà€ƒà€—à¥à€°à¥€à€šà€žà¥à¥‹à€š à€®à€§à¥€à€² à€šà€µà€¿à€š à€žà¥‹à€ˆ à€žà€Ÿà€ à¥€) 
     901   <li>à€žà€§à€¯à€Ÿ à€ 
     902à€žà€²à¥‡à€²à¥à€¯à€Ÿ à€­à€Ÿà€·à€Ÿà€‚à€€à€°à€Ÿà€€à¥€à€² à€šà¥à€•à€Ÿ à€Šà¥à€°à¥‚à€žà¥à€€ à€•à€°à€Ÿ 
     903 </ul> 
     905 à€€à¥à€®à¥à€¹à€Ÿà€‚à€²à€Ÿ à€µà¥‡à€¬ à€ªà€Ÿà€šà¥‡ à€•à¥à€°à€®à€µà€Ÿà€°à¥€à€€ à€®à€¿à€³à€€à¥€à€², 
     906 à€œà¥à€¯à€Ÿ à€®à€§à¥à€¯à¥‡ à€­à€Ÿà€·à€Ÿà€‚à€€à€°à¥€à€€ à€µà€Ÿà€•à¥à€ªà¥à€°à€šà€Ÿà€° à€®à€¿à€³à€€à¥€à€² 
     907à€­à€Ÿà€·à¥‡à€šà¥à€¯à€Ÿ à€‡à€‚à€Ÿà€°à€«à¥‡à€ž à€®à€§à¥à€¯à¥‡ à€€à¥à€®à¥à€¹à¥€ à€à€• à€à€•  à€µà€Ÿà€•à¥à€ªà¥à€°à€šà€Ÿà€° à€­à€Ÿà€·à€Ÿà€‚à€€à€°à¥€à€€ à€•à€°à¥‚ à€¶à€•à€€à€Ÿ. 
     908 à€ 
     909à€šà¥‡à€• à€µà€Ÿà€•à¥à€ªà¥à€°à€šà€Ÿà€°à€Ÿà€‚à€®à€§à¥à€¯à¥‡ à€à€šà€Ÿà€¿à€à€®à€à€² à€šà€Ÿ à€µà€Ÿà€ªà€° à€•à¥‡à€²à¥‡à€²à€Ÿ à€†à€¹à¥‡: à€¯à€Ÿà€šà¥‡ à€€à¥à€®à¥à€¹à€Ÿà€‚à€²à€Ÿ 
     910 à€­à€Ÿà€·à€Ÿà€‚à€€à€° à€•à€°à€£à¥à€¯à€Ÿà€šà¥€ à€—à€°à€œ à€šà€Ÿà€¹à¥€ à€ªà€£à€€à¥à€¯à€Ÿà€€ à€¬à€Šà€² à€•à€°à¥‚ à€šà€¯à¥‡ 
     911 (like _this_) à€ 
     912à€žà¥‡ à€¶à€¬à¥à€§, à€œà¥‡ à€—à¥à€°à¥€à€šà€žà¥à€Ÿà¥‹à€š à€šà¥‡ à€žà€‚à€•à¥à€·à€¿à€ªà¥à€€ à€°à¥‚à€ª à€†à€¹à¥‡à€€  
     913 <p>à€œà€° à€€à¥à€®à¥à€¹à¥€ à€žà€‚à€œà¥à€žà€Ÿ à€ 
     914à€Šà¥à€¯à€¯à€Ÿà€µà€€ à€•à€°à€€ à€ 
     915à€žà€Ÿà€² à€€à€° à€€à¥à€®à¥à€¹à€Ÿà€‚à€²à€Ÿ à€†à€§à¥€à€šà¥à€¯à€Ÿ à€žà€‚à€œà¥à€žà€Ÿ à€ªà€Ÿà€¹à€£à¥à€¯à€Ÿà€šà¥€ à€†à€µà€¶à¥à€¯à€•à¥à€€à€Ÿ à€šà€Ÿà€¹à¥€.à€•à€§à¥€ à€•à€§à¥€ à€•à¥‡à€²à¥‡à€²à¥‡ à€­à€Ÿà€·à€Ÿà€‚à€€à€° à€¹à¥‡ à€‡à€‚à€—à¥à€°à€œà¥€ à€­à€Ÿà€·à¥‡à€®à¥à€³à¥‡ à€¬à€Šà€²à€²à¥‡ à€œà€Ÿà€€à¥‡.à€ 
     916à€¶à€Ÿà€µà¥‡à€³à¥€ à€žà€§à¥à€¯à€Ÿ à€•à¥‡à€²à¥‡à€²à¥à€¯à€Ÿ à€­à€Ÿà€·à€Ÿà€‚à€€à€°à€Ÿà€µà€°à¥à€š à€€à¥à€®à¥à€¹à¥€ à€€à¥‡ à€€à€ªà€Ÿà€žà¥‚ à€¶à€•à€€à€Ÿ. 
     918à€†à€§à¥€ à€•à¥‡à€²à¥‡à€²à¥‡ à€­à€Ÿà€·à€Ÿà€‚à€€à€° à€Šà¥à€°à¥‚à€žà¥à€€ à€•à€°à€£à¥à€¯à€Ÿà€žà€Ÿà€ à¥€ "à€•à¥‡à€²à¥‡à€²à¥‡ à€­à€Ÿà€·à€Ÿà€‚à€€à€° à€Šà¥à€°à¥‚à€žà¥à€€ à€•à€°à€Ÿ "à€¯à€Ÿ à€«à€Ÿà€ˆà€²à€šà€Ÿ à€‰à€ªà€¯à¥‹à€— à€•à€°à€Ÿ. 
     920 à€žà€Ÿà€ˆà€Ÿà€µà€° à€œà€Ÿà€£à¥à€¯à€Ÿà€•à€°à¥€à€€à€Ÿ à€ªà¥à€°à€€à¥à€¯à¥‡à€• à€ªà€Ÿà€šà€Ÿà€µà€° "_textgtisubmit_" à€¹à¥‡ à€¬à€Ÿà€š à€Šà€¿à€²à¥‡à€²à¥‡ à€†à€¹à¥‡.à€¹à¥‡ à€¬à€Ÿà€š à€Šà€Ÿà€¬à¥‚à€š à€¬à€Šà€² à€•à€°à¥‚ à€¶à€•à€€à€Ÿ 
     921 }  # Updated 25-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    665923_textgtiselecttlc_ [l=mr] {à€•à¥ƒà€ªà€¯à€Ÿ à€€à¥à€®à€šà¥à€¯à€Ÿ à€­à€Ÿà€·à¥‡à€šà¥€ à€šà€¿à€µà€¡ à€•à€°à€Ÿ}  # Updated 2-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    694952_textgtitranslatingchunk_ [l=mr] {à€®à€œà€•à¥à€°à€Ÿà€€à¥€à€² à€­à€Ÿà€·à€Ÿà€‚à€€à€° <i>_1_</i>}  # Updated 1-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    695 # -- Missing translation: _textgtiupdatingchunk_ 
     953_textgtiupdatingchunk_ [l=mr] {à€ 
     954à€ªà€¡à¥‡à€Ÿà€¿à€‚à€— à€Ÿà¥‡à€•à¥à€ž à€«à¥à€°à¥ 
     955à€—à€®à¥‡à€‚à€Ÿ <i>_1_</i>}  # Updated 25-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    696956_textgtisubmit_ [l=mr] {à€ªà¥à€¢à¥‡ à€ªà€Ÿà€ à€µà€¿à€£à¥‡}  # Updated 1-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    709969_textglilong_ [l=mr] {à€—à¥à€°à¥€à€šà€žà¥à€Ÿà¥‹à€š à€²à€Ÿà€¯à€¬à¥à€°à€°à¥€ à€‡à€‚à€Ÿà€°à€«à¥‡à€ž}  # Updated 2-Nov-2006 by shubha 
    710 # -- Missing translation: _textglihelp_ 
     970_textglihelp_ [l=mr] {<p>The Greenstone Librarian Interface (GLI) gives you access to Greenstone's functionality from an easy-to-use, 'point and click' interface. This allows you to collect sets of documents, import or assign metadata, and build them into a Greenstone collection.</p> 
     972<p>Note that the GLI is run in conjunction with Greenstone, and assumes that it is installed in a subdirectory of your Greenstone installation. If you have downloaded one of the Greenstone distributions, or installed from a Greenstone CD-ROM, this will be the case.</p> 
     974<h4>Running the GLI under Windows</h4> 
     976Launch the librarian interface under Windows by selecting <i>Greenstone Digital Library</i> from the <i>Programs</i> section of the <i>Start</i> menu and choosing <i>Librarian Interface</i>.  
     978<h4>Running the GLI under Unix</h4> 
     980To run the GLI under Unix, change to the <i>gli</i> directory in your Greenstone installation, then run the <i></i> script.  
     982<h4>Running the GLI under Mac OS X</h4> 
     984In the finder, browse to <i>Applications</i> then <i>Greenstone</i> (if you installed Greenstone into the default location), and then launch the <i>GLI</i> application. 
     985}  # Updated 25-Nov-2006 by shubha