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#265 Authentication inconsistency for Depositor davidb defect very high Greenstone2 Runtime blocker
#272 2.80 binary release doesn't include indexers source code nobody defect very high Installation blocker
#103 RealMediaPlug could not find source file error ak19 defect high Collection Building: Plugins minor
#105 Unicode metadata names - XML parser issues. anna defect high Collection Building minor
#256 Non-Roman encoded filenames of non-text content not indexed for searching kjdon defect high Greenstone2&3 blocker
#285 GS3 files included in gs2 distribution oranfry annoyingness high Installation trivial
#294 Investigation of multi lingual filenames kjdon defect high Collection Building major
#310 GLI help headers not updating anna defect high GLI minor
#371 WordPlugin does not work when Ms Word is not installed max defect high GLI critical
#378 incremental lucene build with no new documents breaking build.cfg kjdon defect high Collection Building minor
#392 OAI source doc download ak19 defect high Downloading minor
#393 RemoteGreenstoneServer and GLIApplet tasks ak19 defect high GLI major
#270 2.80 release doesn't install Java max defect moderate Installation blocker
#279 "Replace srcdoc with html" should work if GSDL is remote, and changes ak19 task moderate GLI major
#284 start menu overwritten when multiple versions installed oranfry defect moderate Installation minor
#303 MARCXMLPlug not using metadata.xml kjdon defect moderate Collection Building: Plugins minor
#309 OAI server doesn't pass validation kjdon defect moderate Greenstone2 Runtime major
#347 Collection building failed in Depositor nobody defect moderate Collection Building major
#348 Customization of metadata sets in the Depositor davidb enhancement moderate OtherProjects enhancement
#375 GLI: Better way of terminating Wget? nobody defect moderate GLI major
#395 Download panel problems ak19 defect moderate GLI major
#437 When downloading has finished, its download's panel disappears ak19 defect moderate GLI major
#65 Remove perllib/ nobody enhancement low Collection Building trivial
#71 Remove setpw program nobody task low Installation trivial
#72 ImagePlug thumbnails davidb annoyingness low Collection Building: Plugins minor
#114 Metadata_read to global pass nobody enhancement low Collection Building enhancement
#271 Admin groups for Greenstone 2 kjdon task low Greenstone2 Runtime
#300 Restructure base plugins kjdon feature low Collection Building enhancement
#292 Chinese character segmentation for metadata values anna defect very low Collection Building enhancement
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